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    Posted on 9 Oct 2015

    Australians Shared Their Thoughts About America And It Got Interesting

    "Have you ever gotten lost in a Walmart?"

    We gave Australians 10 minutes and a piece of paper to share their thoughts on the USA and the people who live there. The results were... interesting. Also, they mainly involved food and Donald Trump.

    This person got creative with their illustrations. (Nice toupée.)

    This person is a subscriber to conspiracy theories, but seems to also be a fan of Everybody Loves Raymond.

    While this person was more excited about Doritos and Taco Bell.

    Wikipedia Commons

    This person got distracted and should have just gone on their lunch break.


    Wikipedia Commons

    A lot of people talked about Donald Trump..., really. A lot.

    This person has amazingly neat writing and maybe wants to join the Baby-Sitters Club?

    This just looks more like a jumbled list of words, ending on a political statement.

    This person is still bitter about the whole Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone thing.

    And this person has a bone to pick with your fruit suppliers.

    GUNS. But also — white Christmases!

    Wikipedia Commons

    Though of course, thanks for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift <3. We're eternally grateful.

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