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    5 Nov 2014

    22 Times Delta Goodrem's Face Was Your Face

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    1. When two of your friends hook up at a party.

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    2. When someone very attractive compliments you and you try to play it cool.

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    3. When you finally finish work on a Friday afternoon.

    4. When a stranger compliments your new outfit.

    5. When you embarrass yourself after a few drinks and photo evidence is uploaded to Facebook.

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    6. When your favourite TV show comes back after hiatus.

    7. When someone eats all the good snacks from the office kitchen.

    8. When you spot a hottie across the club.

    Channel 9 / Via

    9. And when that hottie notices you.

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    10. When the shake machine is turned off at Maccas.

    11. When your favourite song comes on the radio while you're driving.

    12. When you're having one of those days where you feel ***flawless***.

    13. When you drop the perfect one liner.

    14. When someone refuses to move their bag from an otherwise empty seat on the train.

    15. When JK Rowling releases new info on Pottermore.

    16. When you hit the high note while singing Let It Go in the shower.

    17. When you're walking on really hot pavement but don't want to look like an idiot.

    18. When there's a Taylor Swift interview on TV.

    Channel 9 / Via

    19. When someone notices you eavesdropping on their conversation.

    20. When someone asks where you see yourself in five years.

    21. When you finally get around to watching the season finale of Breaking Bad.

    Channel 9 / Via

    22. When you start trying to do your tax return.

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