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A Day In The Life Of A '90s Aussie Kid

Main priorities: Tazos and Cheez TV.

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6am: Wake up, run downstairs, and watch Cheez TV.

Channel Ten

7am: After watching Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z, you eat some cereal, probably Weet-Bix or Grinners.

Uncle Toby's

Unless your parents have given into your endless begging and bought you Coco Pops. / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

8am: You get to school early to play handball with your mates.

Department of Education NSW / Via

9am: In class, you use this tried-and-tested method to make every important decision.

10:30am: Recess! You eat some Mamee Noodles...

...and figure out how all your friends' lives are going to go.

Jemima Skelley / BuzzFeed

11am: During maths, you use white out to paint your nails and highlighters to colour your hair.

Stabilo Boss

12pm: Lunchtime. You scoff down a Vegemite sandwich before running off to play Stuck in the Mud.

Unless you forgot your hat.

You spend the last 10 minutes of lunch eating a 20-cent Zooper Dooper from the canteen... / Via Jenna Guillaume / BuzzFeed

...and trading Tazos that you got from eating hundreds of packets of Burger Rings.

Flickr: fspina / Via Creative Commons

2pm: Time to go to the library, where your class is reading Hating Alison Ashley or Playing Beatie Bow.

Puffin Books

Although you'd prefer to be reading something like this.


3:30pm: After school you play marbles or Crazy Bones while you wait to be picked up.

And on your way home you beg your mum to stop at Wendy's so you can get an Agro cone.

And if she says no you change tack and ask for a Yowie.


4pm: You spend your afternoon watching ABC Kids...


...because it shows all your faves like Arthur, Round The Twist, and The Trap Door.


Except when you take a break to watch A*mazing and dream of being a contestant and winning a GameBoy.

Channel 7

Unless your mum took you home via Video Ezy, which means you could watch a movie on VHS.

Except that the dumb person before you didn't rewind it, so you have to spend 10 minutes rewinding it first.

Except that the dumb person before you didn't rewind it, so you have to spend 10 minutes rewinding it first.

Then you have to fast-forward through this.

6:30pm: Neighbours time.

Channel 10

7:30pm: After dinner, you have a Paddle Pop for dessert (unless mum bought stupid Billabongs again).

And you save all your sticks in the hope that you'll collect enough to win a prize.

8pm: Before you go to bed, you catch up on all the TV and music news you need to know before school tomorrow.

8:30pm: After your mum turns off your light, you pull out your torch and scare yourself senseless.


9pm: You go to sleep dreaming of Pokémon battles and Drazic from Heartbreak High.

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