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39 "Harry Potter" Sequels That We Actually Want To Read

So. Many. Options.

Recently, our queen J.K. Rowling has been releasing a LOT of new information about the Wizarding World.

And as thankful as we are to be blessed with her writing, the stories that she has bestowed upon us are not quite the stories we've been praying for since 2007. So we asked the BuzzFeed Community which Harry Potter spinoff book they'd actually like J.K. Rowling to write.

1. Marauders-era stories.

2. Voldemort's life story.

3. Or how about Voldemort as the good guy?

4. A story about the Hogwarts founders.

5. Snape's real story.

6. The story of young Dumbledore.

7. Or the seven books we know, but from Dumbledore's perspective.

8. The Golden Trio before Hogwarts.

9. Draco's childhood.

10. The rise of the Squibs.

11. Regulus's tale.

12. Albus Severus & co.

13. Scorpius and Rose falling in love.

14. Albus Severus as a Slytherin.

15. The First Wizarding War.

16. The story of the original Order of the Phoenix.

17. A story of everything that happened in 1981.

18. The international Wizarding World.

19. A parallel story of Neville during Deathly Hallows.

20. The Dark Magic Order.

21. The story of Minerva.

22. Dudley's son.

23. Post-Battle of Hogwarts.

24. Harry as a slightly evil dictator.

25. If Neville were the Chosen One.

26. Gred and Forge.

27. Luna's years at Hogwarts.

28. Mad-Eye Moody's tale.

29. The Life and Times of Remus Lupin.

30. The history of the Room of Requirement.

31. Where did Hedwig go?: An investigation.

32. The tale of all the wizarding schools.

33. A short story anthology.

34. Hogwarts, A History.

35. The Black sisters.

36. A history of British magic.

37. The Wizard Kama Sutra

38. Of course, that encyclopedia we were promised and are still hanging out for.

39. Or how about just literally anything, please?

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