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Posted on Apr 5, 2016

39 "Harry Potter" Sequels That We Actually Want To Read

So. Many. Options.

Recently, our queen J.K. Rowling has been releasing a LOT of new information about the Wizarding World.

And as thankful as we are to be blessed with her writing, the stories that she has bestowed upon us are not quite the stories we've been praying for since 2007. So we asked the BuzzFeed Community which Harry Potter spinoff book they'd actually like J.K. Rowling to write.

1. Marauders-era stories.

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"I want to know how James got Lily to go out with him, and just how big a jerk he might have been. I want to know how Sirius dealt with his family disowning him and how he reacted when he was asked to be Harry's godfather. I want to know how Peter was treated and what brought him to become loyal to Voldemort. I want to know more about Remus' turning every month and how the guys rallied around him." – Savannah Moore, Facebook

2. Voldemort's life story.

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"The life story of Voldemort. Following his path to power, and his fall. I've always loved the random parts of novels that suddenly give you the perspective of the antagonist. I think it would take a lot of work on Rowling's part to do that but it would be worth it to fill in the blanks in his life." – Chris Johnson, Facebook

3. Or how about Voldemort as the good guy?

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"Voldemort portrayed as the protagonist. Voldemort is the good guy and is trying to fight against the powers of evil that is Dumbledore's Army. Starting with his upbringing and continuing until his downfall. He dies attempting to make the world a better place." – Mikey Clemons, Facebook

4. A story about the Hogwarts founders.


"A Founders-era book full of Machiavellian schemes and Game of Thrones-level pain." – carolync47392059c

"Tbh I just want to know the story behind Salazar putting a huge-ass snake in the castle." – chekkatravels

5. Snape's real story.

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"I'd like to see a biography-type story of Snape, following his entire life, so I can understand more about why he chose to side with Voldemort in the first place (has to be more to it than just ticked at James for stealing Lily)." – amieo2

6. The story of young Dumbledore.

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"I have always wanted to see Dumbledore before his sister's death. The whole thing with Grindelwald would be a fabulous middle and the death of his sister and fight with his brother would make an excellent ending." – Trent Ditto, Facebook

7. Or the seven books we know, but from Dumbledore's perspective.

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"I'd love to know what was going on in his head throughout the seven books, as well as in his youth." – Hayden Field, Facebook

8. The Golden Trio before Hogwarts.

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"What Ron's life was like at home growing up with Fred and George, Hermione being a Muggle, then finding out she was a witch and telling her parents, and Harry growing up with the Dursleys." – hollymcphee

"I want a series about Harry's life with the Dursleys and all of the strange things that happened. How often do we see Minerva as a cat, or Mrs. Figg being weird watching Harry go to school? I want more backstory with Petunia being named after an uglier flower and Vernon trying to maintain order in the Muggle world." – Larisa Traub, Facebook

9. Draco's childhood.

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"His relationships with his family, his childhood, and how he got involved with Death Eater business." – kelseyjanelr

10. The rise of the Squibs.

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"The next big threat to the Wizarding world is from a jaded Muggle, who uses weaponry that magic hasn't yet been developed to stop, as well as economic and social attacks (both of which the Wizarding world is somewhat vulnerable to).

"Out of their depth, wizards must seek aid from those they had made outcasts of: Squibs. Squibs possess the knowledge of both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds to be able to advise the best courses of action, lead social maneuvers when things must become public.

"This would bring a new look into the Potterverse, put new characters at the forefront (please leave existing ones alone!), and bring a new side to magic and its development to match a new attack." – Ben J. Herr, Facebook

11. Regulus's tale.

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"I want to see him get into Slytherin and do well at Quidditch and in the Slug Club! Sirius's story can also be a part of this – from Regulus's point of view, we can see how Sirius slowly broke away from the family while the younger Black brother got into the Dark Arts and the Death Eaters. And of course the finale, with him and Kreacher at the lake fighting off Inferi." – Apoorva Gokhale, Facebook

12. Albus Severus & co.

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"Second generation movie and/or novel. It'd be so nostalgic so my kids can rally behind the next group and fall in love how we did with the trio and others. Not to mention the new forces of evil (since evil never sleeps) and the camaderie of other houses besides Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. Not making evil, so black and white, but with shades of grey to signify life is never as clear cut as it may seem." – Maya Angelique, Facebook

13. Scorpius and Rose falling in love.

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"I want a next generation sequel where Albus Severus, Rose Weasley, and Scorpius Malfoy form the next Golden Trio and we see the Ron completely lose his mind when Scorpius and Rose fall in love. To show that this is a new era and that children don't have to be like their parents would be great, I think." – SouthernSongbird

14. Albus Severus as a Slytherin.

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"I suppose this could be tied into the plot of The Cursed Child, but I'd love to see a story where Harry's son is sorted into Slytherin, but is actually a really good guy. We don't have enough examples of good-natured Slytherins, and we need more proof that they're not all baddies." – Jemima Skelley

15. The First Wizarding War.

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"I would like to see a book regarding the first war with He Who Must Not Be Named. The little snippets of stories, such as Neville's parents, which peeks into what was a time of drama, terror, and bravery. It could also cover the transformation of Snape from follower to turncoat to double agent." – Trinka Vance, Facebook

16. The story of the original Order of the Phoenix.

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"Have it end with Lily and James' deaths and Hagrid taking Harry away. – kalliem4118235db

17. A story of everything that happened in 1981.

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"The Potters and the Longbottoms defying Voldemort three times. Trelawney's Prophecy. Snape telling Voldemort/Dumbledore about the prophecy. Voldemort's decision of Harry over Neville. Dumbledore helping the Potters. Wormtail joining Voldemort and betraying his friends. The attack on the Potters. The celebrations and sadness of those who survived. The attack on the Longbottoms. Bellatrix going to Azkaban proudly. The Sirius/Pettigrew altercation. Pettigrew's path to the Weasley's. Neville moving in with his grandmother, Harry moving in with the Dursleys. Somewhere in all of that, the Weasleys (especially Molly) dealing with the loss of Fabian and Gideon." – Megan Marie, Facebook

18. The international Wizarding World.

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"A series on how either the international Wizarding World reacted to the rise of Voldemort, or how the Battle of Hogwarts had a ripple effect on the international Wizarding World after the war ended." – Whit N. Adams, Facebook

19. A parallel story of Neville during Deathly Hallows.

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"We all know that Neville stood up and became the leader everyone at Hogwarts needed at that time, and I think it would be awesome to see that side of him and to get a glimpse of just how dark Hogwarts got." – hokuhulagirl

20. The Dark Magic Order.

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"Maybe Voldemort was just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe he was one of several Dark wizards or witches that wanted to control the Wizarding World all around the globe. And maybe there was something like a global Order consisting of them... Dumbledore (if it's a prequel) would play a key role in the fight between the "Dark Magic Order" and the "worldwide Order of the Phoenix", as the one and only wizard that had dealt with dark magic and yet not have joined the Dark Magic Order. If a sequel, then it might be Harry himself acting a comparable key role in such a worldwide fight." – Adam Psomakas, Facebook

21. The story of Minerva.

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"I want a book all about McGonagall, especially as headmaster. She is such a strong character herself, I think she truly deserves to have her own book. It doesn't have to be long, but it needs to be a thing." – Joshua Springs, Facebook

22. Dudley's son.

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"I want a sequel where Dudley's son is a Muggle-born and the protagonist, and he goes to Hogwarts with the rest of the previous generations' kids." – Molly Sloane, Facebook

(Yes, JKR has said that none of Dudley's kids were magical. But goddamn, can you imagine?)

23. Post-Battle of Hogwarts.

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"Rather than skipping forward 19 years, do a sequel right after Voldemort's death. So repairing Hogwarts, Harry and Ron's adventures as Aurors, Harry's development into adulthood after dealing with the trauma of the seventh book." – sarahm4f458ecf3

"Hermione, Harry and Ron post-Hogwarts graduation, experimenting as living as Muggles in the '90s. They experience grunge, Starbucks, and Lollapalooza. Everything goes well until the trio suffers an identity crisis after discovering Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed and Sabrina. Hermione's breaking point comes after watching Scooby Doo and the Hex Girls." – jodil4259840a2

24. Harry as a slightly evil dictator.

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"I want to see Harry become the Minister for Magic but all the power goes to his head and he becomes somewhat of a benign dictator. He doesn't do anything too wild (like murdering Muggle-borns, Voldemort-style), so people don't immediately realise the ultimate power he's excising. But he's basically running a slightly-totalitarian Wizarding World." – My dad.

25. If Neville were the Chosen One.

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"If Neville was chosen to defeat Voldemort rather than Harry would be nice to see." – annaz4e5608ba3

26. Gred and Forge.

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"Fred and George's first year at Hogwarts, how they got the Marauder's Map and everything they got up to." – lottevanh

27. Luna's years at Hogwarts.

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"I would love to see a book on Luna Lovegood and what she was like before she met Harry. It's like an outsider story where someone actually lives a life that isn't involved with the main protagonist, not for a few years anyway." – namuunb

28. Mad-Eye Moody's tale.

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"The Thirteen Thrills of Mad Eye Moody. A collection of Master Auror Moody's most spectacular exploits complied by Alistar McDowngle Von Spitz." – mattp57

29. The Life and Times of Remus Lupin.

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"I feel that his struggles of going through changes in life and dealing with the burden of being a werewolf would be an excellent metaphor for the changing culture in society today." – ashlynh435b228fd

"Remus Lupin: The Lost Years. What did this poor, tragic man do between 1981 and 1993?" – catep4090adff8

30. The history of the Room of Requirement.

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"I want to see a full story about how every single one of those things got into the Room of Hidden Things where Voldemort hid the diadem. Like... there's so much stuff in there? How much of it is school contraband and how much of it is actual dark artefacts?" –Jemima Skelley

31. Where did Hedwig go?: An investigation.

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"Let's be real: I would love to hear about Hedwig's adventures while she goes to deliver people's mail." – brianjamesl

32. The tale of all the wizarding schools.


"I'd love for Rowling to write a book of short stories and have each one take place at a different wizarding school. I'd love to see how each one differs and what trouble you can get into with different countries and people." – ameliag4a2dd527b

"Give them a reason to cancel exams every other year." – clintonrussellh

33. A short story anthology.

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"I would like just a collection of short stories for major life events in the 19 years, things like Fred's funeral, Ron & Hermione's wedding, etc…" – meganh4623b02ca

34. Hogwarts, A History.

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"It would be cool to see Hogwarts: A History. It could be like an anthology, starting with the founders and moving towards the modern era with stories about significant events in Hogwarts' past. – Madeline James, Facebook

35. The Black sisters.

Warner Bros.

"I would LOVE a story about Bellatrix, Andromeda, and Narcissa's childhood and relationships with each other, and how they became such diverse characters as they grew up." – samanthacfcollins

36. A history of British magic.

Warner Bros.

"The creation of the statute of wizarding secrecy. Apparently the Malfoys were close to the British Royal court 500 years ago. It would be interesting to see how they dealt with no longer being influential in the Muggle world." – williamp4c37c518d

37. The Wizard Kama Sutra

Warner Bros.

"I know it's weird, but I have a lot of questions about wizard sex…" – catkin

38. Of course, that encyclopedia we were promised and are still hanging out for.


"Pottermore was just not satisfying." – broadwaypresentsabby

39. Or how about just literally anything, please?

Warner Bros.

"Honestly any Harry Potter spin-off would work for me. The world JK created is so rich and so magical you could do anything and I would watch it! A buddy cop show about Aurors? Yes! A workplace comedy similar to Parks and Recreation or The Office but focusing on the Department of Muggle Artifacts with Arthur Weasley as the boss? Hell yeah. An anthology show in Twilight Zone-like format but with The Tales of Beedle the Bard? I am so down for literally anything taking place in the Wizarding world." – jerrudc

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