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A Teen Trespassed On The Abandoned "OITNB" Set And Got A Funny Response From The Show

Litchfield doesn't mess around.

Samantha Gardella, of Monroe, New York, is a huge Orange Is the New Black fan. After she heard the show was filmed at the abandoned Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center in a nearby town, Gardella had an idea.

The 19-year-old film student told BuzzFeed when she found out the set was near where she lives in the Hudson Valley area of New York, she grabbed her camera and headed for the facility.

She traveled to the real-life Litchfield with screenshots from the show and matched them up with their exact locations on the set.

"I had never been there before so I didn't know what to expect, but to my surprise when I got there, there was no gate at the entryway to keep anyone out," Gardella told BuzzFeed. "There were other fans walking around too."

Gardella decided to take these photos after seeing a similar style of photography done with screenshots from The Walking Dead.

The teen posted the photo series on June 26 to her Tumblr and has gotten over 129,000 reposts to date. She said she's received a "huge amount of positive feedback" from friends and strangers, she told the Huffington Post.

Tumblr users were not the only ones who took notice, and a representative from the show's legal team sent her a reminder that the set is private New York state property, and that no one is allowed there without permission.

But Gardella also got a more fun response from the official Orange Is the New Black Twitter account, which issued her a citation signed by steamy corrections officer John Bennett.

To the kid who snuck onto the #OITNB set: Game recognize game. http://t.co/pn8WjtaL5k

Despite the shout-out, Gardella said the notification from the production company's legal department was enough to spook her. "I don't recommend other fans follow in my footsteps," she told BuzzFeed.

Bennett is watching.

This post previously identified the wrong person as Samantha Gardella. It has since been updated with an accurate photo.