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    28 Things That Work So Well You Might Actually Want To Use Them Every Morning

    Never underestimate the comforting power of a pair of memory foam slippers.

    1. A wake-up light that simulates a natural sunrise so you can be gradually and peacefully woken up instead of awaking in a sudden, or jarring manner like you usually do.

    A model looking at the circular shaped clock emitting a light similar to that of a sunrise

    2. This "wrinkle release" spray so you can quickly get rid of wrinkles and get dressed if you're short on time and don't want to wait for the iron to heat up (we've all had one of those mornings, and some of us have them every morning).

    3. A dry shampoo that'll immediately turn your oily roots into volumized, textured strands so it appears as if you washed your hair when you actually had no time all week.

    A hand holding a can of dry shampoo

    4. This compact cold brew maker so you can get your ice-cold caffeine fix without ever leaving your apartment. Prepare it at the start of the week and just let it sit in your fridge until you're ready to pour yourself a cup.

    A diagram showing instructing you to pour coffee into the filter, brew it in the pitcher and enjoy the cold brew

    5. And a rapid egg cooker so you can have a hearty breakfast with hard-boiled eggs quickly and in time for your morning work meeting.

    The egg cooker that holds six eggs and has a dome cover

    6. A microfiber hair wrap that'll dry your hair up to 50% faster if you really don't want to step out to run errands with soaking wet hair but also can't afford additional heat damage from your dryer.

    A model wearing a navy blue wrap on their head

    7. This handmade ceramic oatmeal bowl so you can dig into a delicious hot oatmeal breakfast while you sit on the couch and check in on emails — it's a simple way to just make mornings cozier.

    A model holding a bowl with a cup-like handle for the hand

    8. This personal blender with a take-along bottle so you can treat yourself first thing in the morning to a delicious fruit smoothie.

    9. A tube-wringer, because wringing the tube to squeeze out as much toothpaste as possible is enough to make anyone's blood boil early in the morning. This thing will make sure you actually get every last drop out.

    A reviewer showing a contraption that turns to reel in the toothpaste tube and move the paste up to the opening

    10. This foam roller so you can begin your day feeling a little more relieved from sore muscles. Regular use of a foam roller can restore blood flow, enhance flexibility, and extend your range of motion.

    A model using a cylindrical foam roller on their thigh

    11. A daily planner because organizing all your obligations at the start of your day can help you be more productive and help your tasks run more smoothly. This pad has ample space for jotting down your schedule, major priorities, a to-do list, meals, and any additional notes or reminders.

    The pad

    12. This heat protectant spray so you can get through your daily 'do with as little heat damage as possible.

    The product in a spray bottle

    13. A bottle of Bioderma micellar water to give your skin an additional gentle cleanse mid-way through the morning when you've just returned from running errands and want to wipe off your tinted moisturizer.

    A model holding a bottle with the product inside

    14. This portable electric razor you can use on both dry and wet skin to give your legs a touch-up before you head out the door.

    A reviewer holding a compact device with small razors

    15. And this Each & Every aluminum-free deodorant that'll work overtime throughout the day to keep your pits smelling fresh even when you're sweating up a storm. It's vegan and cruelty-free and made from sustainable packaging.

    Three sticks of deodorant in lemon & lavender, coconut & lime, and citrus & vetiver

    16. A breakfast sandwich maker because everything's easier when there's food as a reward.

    17. A pair of fuzzy slippers so you won't have to shuffle across cold floors to get to the bathroom or make your breakfast.

    A reviewer wearing the brown slippers which are lined with fur

    18. This light therapy lamp for those cold, gloomy mornings when you're just begging the sun to come out and add some sunshine to your home. This lamp mimics natural light without the harmful UV rays.

    A small square light on a desk

    19. A one-step Stila color correcting primer to even out skin tone before you get ready for the day.

    20. This Nivea in-shower body lotion so you can start the day with properly moisturized and super soft feeling skin.

    A bottle of product

    21. A simple headband to ~tie~ your look together and keep your hair out of your face when you want to get an early start on those emails.

    22. Or a trendy padded velvet headband so you look effortlessly chic for virtual brunch meets with friends even when it's 10 a.m. and you're only half-awake.

    A reviewer wearing a black padded headband

    23. A Verb Energy bar if you always still feel groggy well into the morning and need a kick of energy without drinking coffee. This is made with organic green tea to keep your energy up.

    A blueberry oat bar on top of a packaged bar

    24. This double-ended eyeliner pen so you can stamp on flawless eyeliner wings in literally seconds. It might actually make you enjoy doing makeup again instead of just getting frustrated with the process.

    25. A Crave Naturals detangling brush because brushing your hair every morning has become so annoying that you'd much rather skip it. This brush tames knots quickly, efficiently, and gently all in a few strokes, so you won't have to tear out parts of your mane in a fit of anger.

    26. This two-minute journal that'll take you just a few minutes to respond to prompts that'll get you in a positive mood for starting the day.

    The cover of the book

    27. An elliptical machine you can set up in your living room if you love to start your day with some cardio. It has eight levels of resistance, a digital monitor to display your pulse, and anti-slip handlebars and foot pedals. Best of all, it's compact and won't take up too much space.

    28. And a cute and cozy robe because it's so adorable and plush looking that you might actually get excited to hop out of bed (even on the chilliest of mornings).

    A reviewer wearing a purple robe, which falls at their knee, has a tie waist, a hood, and pockets

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