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    29 Products That'll Help You Eat More Plants And Drink More Water Every Day

    I dare you to tell me you didn't start craving fruit after reading this post.

    1. An elegant-looking bedside carafe set in case you were depriving your body of a much-needed late night sip of water because you were already cozy in bed and didn't want to walk all the way to the kitchen.

    2. This time-marked water bottle to measure your daily water intake and motivate you to just keep on chuggin'. It's kinda like racing yourself to stay hydrated.

    3. A set of tiny cookie cutters that'll certainly make fruit and veggie prep just a liiiittle more fun, especially if you're trying to get your kids to join you in eating more of nature's candy.

    4. These hydration stickers you can peel off and stick on your planner — or any other surface you frequent daily — so you can fill in your daily water intake over the course of 14 weeks.

    5. A masticating juicer that's basically guaranteed to help you drink as many of your nutrients as possible.

    6. And this compact blender so you can start every day with a perfect fruit smoothie filled with as many fruits and veggies as your heart desires (just don't fill the blender past the safety fill line).

    7. Or a portable personal blender if you don't have time to use and clean your blender at home but still want to honor your commitment to getting more fruit in your stomach.

    8. These metal drinking straws so you can enjoy an ice cold cup of water no matter where you are — reviewers even say that the stainless steel keeps their drink chilled as it travels up the straw.

    9. Or an insulated tumbler with a straw that's so cute that you'll actually want to carry it around with you all day (and actually fill it with water to drink, obvs).

    10. These electrolyte tablets with natural fruit flavors for anyone who thinks water just tastes a little bland and needs a little extra somethin', somethin'.

    11. A watermelon slicer to turn a giant, hard-to-cut watermelon into perfectly-sized slices, in case you were turned off by just how much time and effort it takes to divvy one up.

    12. This banana bungee hanger that'll help keep bananas fresher for longer so they aren't totally rotten by the time you finally reach for one. Plus, keeping them literally hanging in front of your face every time might remind you to actually eat them every time you enter the kitchen.

    13. A veggie spiralizer to effortlessly turn zucchini (and other veggies) into "pasta" noodles for the low-carb spaghetti of your dreams.

    14. This glass fruit-infusing water pitcher so you can prepare ~fancy~ fruit water in the morning and come back home at night to quench your thirst in a refreshingly delicious way.

    15. Or an infuser water bottle that'll also let you prepare your beloved fruit water but take it on the go so you can indulge in it throughout the day.

    16. Or!!! Some bottles of Hint water (this one is infused with watermelon) for a subtle fruity flavor that requires no extra time in the morning whatsoever.

    17. This easy-to-use Aerogarden that'll help you effortlessly (and quickly) grow your own fruit and veggies at home thanks to the LED grow lights. You're going out of your way to grow your own tomatoes so it'd be such a shame for them to go to waste.

    18. An apple corer and slicer because sometimes getting those perfect slices just takes so much time that it's easy to give up before you even get started. This baby will give you even, seed-free slices faster than you can say, "scrumdidlyumptious."

    19. This stainless-steel water filter you can attach to your kitchen sink to have purified tap water in what might honestly feel like the blink of an eye — and it produces eight cups of clean water per minute!!

    20. Orrrrr this filtered water pitcher because you can easily fill it with water from your tap and stow it away in your refrigerator (it's slim enough to not take up too much space) and have clean, ice cold, refreshing water you may never want to stop drinking.

    21. A bottle of coconut-flavored water infusion drops that might make you feel like you're drinking out of a real coconut on a ~tropical island~. Some bottled or canned coconut waters include added sugar, but these drops are free of artificial sweeteners and contain the naturally occurring electrolytes in coconuts, so you'll actually feel hydrated.

    22. This genius-ly designed salad container because you're tired of opening your salad at work only to find that your lettuce and toppings have become totally soaked and soggy from the dressing (aka, unappetizing). This container comes with a divided tray to separate your toppings and hold your dressing so everything stays crisp and fresh until you're ready to mix 'em together.

    23. This produce-saving container because it'll extend the life of the *expensive* fruits and veggies you just bought and don't want to go bad in two days. Longer-lasting produce = more time to eat it all.

    24. A veggie chopper that'll give you perfect cucumber and pepper (and more!) slices in a few swift motions — perfect if you've been putting off adding more color to your plate because prep time is just so daunting.

    25. Or this handy little knife sharpener because chopping up veggies by hand is so much easier and faster when your knives are sharpened to ~perfection~.

    26. An avocado-slicing tool that'll give you such perfect slices that you might start making avocado toast more often.

    27. This ~flexitarian~ cookbook that helps you shift your plant intake — without *totally* cutting out meat — by giving you recipes you can easily adjust based on how many veggies you want to include.

    28. A microwave steamer to give you perfectly cooked vegetables without leaving you with a ton of dishes to take care of.

    29. And these reusable ice-pop molds for a yummy, frozen way to consume more fruit and veg. The flavor combos are literally endless so you'll never get bored with your creations.

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