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    34 Splurge-Worthy Things That Basically Pay For Themselves Over Time

    Prods to upgrade your kitchen skills, improve your WFH life, and even help you achieve salon-worthy hair at home.

    1. An air fryer from the food pro's that brought you the Instant Pot. Because if you're looking for a kitchen helper that'll save you money in the long run, this futuristic-looking device might just be it — whip up anything from fried chicken to crispy potatoes in record time (and with less greasy mess).

    2. A bottle of Olaplex Hair Perfector, aka the cult-fave treatment to help you ditch the damage caused by routine bleaching and coloring. It's a star at reversing breakage and treating compromised hair, and in as little as 10 minutes you'll notice texture is improved and straw-like locks softened.

    Elena with a side by side image of her hair "Before — just my super damaged hair asking me to put it out of its misery." and "After six weeks of using Olaplex twice a week"

    3. A GoSkills Microsoft Excel course if you've ever wanted to learn how to present and organize data into a swoon-worthy spreadsheet that'll have your coworkers in awe. This course comes with 25 lessons to teach you the basics in sorting and filtering *and* get you proficient in charts and tables (so you can actually live up to your résumé's hype).

    4. A Hoover automatic carpet cleaner to powerfully reverse the look of your discolored rugs and carpets and *keep* them that way. This subjects caked-in debris to a deep, deep cleanse — and then dries the area, too! So stains that have lived with you since you moved in will finally get their eviction notice.

    Just look how well this beaut works:

    Reviewer's picture of a large clump of dirt, hair, and grime with the caption "after vacuuming", and a smaller clump of hair and dirt with the caption "after washing"

    5. A pair of heeled Doc Martens you'll want to cart if you've been looking for something that's durable, comfortable, and super duper stylish. Like regular trusted Docs, these will likely be your forever friends, and it's just a bonus that you can wear them for both fancy and casual events.

    6. A Filtrete air purifier because you've gone long enough with allergens like pet hair, dander, and dust flagrantly floating around your home. This true HEPA filter sucks up bacteria- and odor-filled particles to improve indoor air quality, so your space can finally feel clean everyday. Now you and Snickles can live in harmony sans litter box stink!

    7. A pair of wireless Beats headphones to deliver *crystal clear* sound while you're working out, commuting, or attending daily video calls — and each experience will be even better than the last. Why? No more tangled-up wires, of course. These babies have a comfy ear hook so they're not going anywhere *and* they're sweat-resistant!

    8. A Slip silk pillowcase blessed with the ability to keep hair from frizzing and knotting while you sleep. Sure, these are pricier than your regular ol' polyester pillowcases but with the right care, these will outlive every other form of bedding.

    The silk pillowcase in pink

    9. An Our Place always pan because Instagram's favorite kitchen mate is ::chef's kiss:: for cooking pros and newbs alike. This beauty replaces the need for eight (yes, eight!) cookware items, so you'll be reaching for this anytime you want to fry, steam, boil, and even serve up your signature dish.

    10. A memory-foam dog bed in case your pup child has a hard time settling down. This cushioned bed is designed to soothe uncomfy, stressed-out doggos (even those with joint pain) and support their head and hips throughout the night. No more replacing dog beds since this is made with durable, fur-resistant fabric that's machine-washable.

    Reviewer's picture of their dog laying on the large dog bed in grey

    11. A subscription to Obé Fitness guaranteed to scratch your workout class itch. Because live, on-demand yoga, cardio, HIIT, and more are accessible whenever you're in the mood. And honestly, this investment is a lot less painful than paying $30+ per Pilates class.

    Picture of the Obé fitness instructors

    12. And! A nonslip yoga mat equipped with extra cushioning and grip to make working out at home a lot more appealing. Cat cows on hardwood floors? No thanks. Plus, this absorbs shock while also being longer and wider than most yoga mats.

    13. A microfiber laundry ball that collects fuzz and microfibers from your clothes, think: synthetics like fleece and swimwear. This was cleverly inspired by the way coral filters out the ocean, so by using this in the wash you'll be keeping pollution out of waterways. Less shedding = happier oceans.

    The microfiber laundry ball in blue

    14. A nugget ice maker – its affectionate name suggests that it makes perfectly-sized cubes for bevs and coolers — so you don't have to go to the store to buy a big buttload of ice when you're hosting or attending a picnic. It's also small and quiet so you don't have to worry about it hoarding counter space.

    15. A snazzy-looking desk chair to not only upgrade the look of your WFH area (goodbye, ugly kitchen stool!) but its ergonomic backrest is designed to fit the natural curve of your mid-back (hello, pure comfort!).

    Reviewer's photo of the fabric grey desk chair with quilted back

    16. A Tatcha SPF 35 sunscreen for sensitive skin folk who are looking for a great base layer for makeup application. It works as both a primer to blur pores and uneven skin tones, plus leaves your skin feeling baby bum soft thanks to Japanese wild rose and loquat leaf extract. Just peep the difference below to see how well this must-have works:

    Maitland showing the use of the sunscreen on face with no sunburn and no sunscreen on body = sunburn city

    17. A lip-smacking gourmet truffle-infused hot sauce that any foodie will drool over. With this spicy condiment, you'll be able to fancy up a boring ol' burger faster than you can post an above-view pic of it on your story.

    18. A lazy-person approved MakeUp Eraser cloth to put an end to the slew of nights going to bed with a full face of makeup. Seriously, it couldn't be simpler to swipe off foundation and lippy — all you need is this magic wipe and *water*. Ding ding, bonus here! You'll even notice a reduction in the amount of breakouts you get once you remove your all-day look.

    BuzzFeed employee showing how well the towel removes a full face of makeup

    19. A meal kit subscription from Home Chef to take care of weekday dinners in under 30 minutes (and curb your pricey Postmates addiction). I mean, *wipes drool* just look at this delish cheese ravioli that could be delivered as fresh pre-portioned ingredients straight to your door.

    The cheese ravioli and mushroom marinara dish

    20. A Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush that's worth the investment to avoid exorbitant visits to the dentist. (Root canals are not only painful, they're pricey.) This works to improve overall oral health, banish coffee stains, and remove plaque. AND! It features a smartimer so you can brush your way to a healthier, cleaner smile in just two minutes.

    The electric toothbrush in black

    21. A sophisticated two-tier bar cart on wheels to sit pretty in any corner of your home. This stylish piece will not only update the look of your decor, but you can store anything from booze to plant baes on this beaut.

    the wooden and gold bar cart

    22. A Michael Todd cleansing brush, which doubles the effectiveness of your favorite face wash and makes you feel like you're receiving a heavenly spa treatment. With six speeds you can remove makeup, buff away dead cells, and rid your face of impurities to reveal brighter, just-stepped-out-from-a-facial looking skin.

    23. A buttery-soft Botkier New York leather crossbody available with two adjustable straps and multiple pockets for carrying your essentials. Your accessories have been crying out for change since *checks calendar* 2017, and this LBB (little black bag) will deliver in both style and durability.

    24. A CHI steam iron to banish unsightly crinkles in your fave items of clothing like a pro. It has over 300 steam holes to make the process of steaming out wrinkles smooth, fast, and dare I say ENJOYABLE. Plus it comes with a fabric guide so you know exactly how to take care of that one delicate shirt you own.

    Reviewer's picture of the iron

    25. An electric milk frother because the days of becoming your own crush-worthy barista are finally here. Ta-ta to spending $5, five days a week on caffeinated treats, now you can create perfectly whipped lattes from the comfort of your own abode. Oh, and this can be used for hot chocolate too!

    26. A Philips sunrise-mimicking light and alarm clock for anyone who could use some help resetting their circadian rhythm (aka sleep-wake cycle). This soothing clock won't bolt you up like regular ol' alarms but instead, this'll wake you up gradually *and* it works in reverse with a sunset feature, too. At the end of the day, you can't put a price on a good night's snooze!

    The clock during the beginning of wakeup, with a dim orange/red glow to mimic a sunrise

    27. Levi's ribcage jeans which hit *right* at that sweet spot to make crop-top wearers rejoice. And they're ideal to show off booties or naked ankles — because, yes! It is finally that time to toss those socks. Translation: your quest for well-fitted, long-lasting denim is officially over.

    model wearing the medium wash jeans

    28. A Le Creuset Dutch oven that'll transform your cooking experience from microwave to Michelin-style instantly. This beautiful piece of kitchenware is durable and designed to marinate meats evenly and quickly, and cook stews full of flavor AND! It withstands heat of up to 500 degrees F. Compliments to who? You, you master chef.

    The dutch oven cooking seafood

    29. A fourth-gen Echo Dot for the at-home worker who could really use some help organizing their day. With Alexa as your own personal assistant, you can set reminders, alarms, and even order some evening 'za as a reward for completing all your tasks.

    30. A geometric print quilt set made with top-quality, 100% cotton so you can revamp your boudoir into your own desert retreat without having to travel (or entirely redecorate). Plus, looking at you, sweaty sleepers, this material will keep you comfy cool all year long.

    31. A sleep sound machine specifically designed to help you blissfully drift off to dreamtown. Soothing sounds like meadow and ocean will improve the time it takes for you to fall into a slumber *and* it can even help drown out distracting sounds while you're working.

    The sound machine in black

    32. An Eero home Wi-Fi system to ditch your dodgy connection and replace your old traditional routers and extenders. Simply plug this into an outlet and prepare to be amazed at how much faster your download speeds are. So long, internet dead zones!

    33. A multiway balconette bra that'll feel so glorious, you might forget you're wearing one. Babes with A to I cups will feel supported with memory foam cups and functional straps that are guaranteed to stay in place without slipping.

    34. A Chef iQ smart pressure cooker, because the future of cooking is here, folks! We're talking slow cooking, searing and sautéing, and steaming veggies to perfection. A bonus? It has a built-in scale to measure your ingredients by weight, as well as smart auto pressure release technology — which won't make the cat jump any time steam comes out.

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