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    37 Wholesome Things To Make Sure You Do This Fall

    However much pumpkin you've had already, it's nowhere near enough.

    William Varner / Alexa Fishman / BuzzFeed

    1. Make a pumpkin pie.

    2. Buy your pet a Halloween costume.

    3. Light some fall scented candles.

    4. Watch Hocus Pocus .

    5. And ParaNorman.

    6. And Coraline.

    7. Unless scary movies are more your thing.

    8. Go apple picking.

    9. Attempt to make apple pie with them (but a heads up – apple crumble is easier).

    10. Look forward to all the Halloween episodes of your favourite TV shows.

    11. Have something with an unnecessary amount of pumpkin spice added to it.

    12. Add cinnamon to literally everything.

    Maritsa Patrinos

    13. Bundle yourself up for a brisk walk even if it doesn’t feel cold enough to warrant it.

    14. Visit a pumpkin patch.

    15. Carve a pumpkin.

    16. Or paint it if carving is too messy.

    17. Have a bonfire.

    18. And make sure to toast some S’mores over it.

    19. Try making your own apple cider.

    20. Go to a haunted house.

    21. Or a theme park fright night.

    22. Head to a corn maze for the day.

    23. Use all the seasonal-smelling lotions you can, until you smell like the human embodiment of Fall.

    Loryn Brantz / BuzzFeed

    24. Watch as much Gilmore Girls as you can handle.

    25. And every rom-com set in fall.

    26 .Convince a friend or S.O. to do a couples costume with you.

    27. Make Halloween cookies.

    28. Buy chocolates for the trick-or-treaters but also get extra so you have plenty for yourself.

    29. Curl up by a fireplace with a good book.

    30. Go to a cosy pub.

    31. Make a warming chilli or stew and invite some friends around for dinner.

    32. Have a hot bath (preferably with some autumnal-scented bath products).

    33. Spend a rainy day indoors drinking tea and feeling smug that you’re not caught in the downpour.

    34. Go to a cinema screening of your favourite Halloween film.

    35. Try some pumpkin spiced beer.

    36. Go to a botanical garden to take in the changing scenery.

    37. And make sure to walk through plenty of leaves to hear that satisfying crunch.

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