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Only A Geography Major Will Pass All 12 Of These Geography Quizzes

Where's Canada again?

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of fun trivia quizzes about world geography — in one place for your convenience. If you can pass all of them then you get a virtual cookie.

1. Only 4.0 Students Can Get 20/25 On This Geography Trivia Quiz

Watercolor map of world with ?

Time to see how smart you truly are. Take the quiz here.

2. Fifth Graders Can Easily Pass This African Geography Quiz — Can You?

Africa map with country highlighted and words "Which country is this?" and Raven looking confused
Getty / Disney Channel

Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Take the quiz here.

3. Not Even A Geography Teacher Can Identify These Countries We Described Using ONLY Emojis

Apple/Kaleb Mayer

Are you as well-versed in geography as you are in emojis? Take the quiz here.

4. Research Shows These Are The 13 Countries People Struggle To Identify On A Map – Can You Guess Even Half Right?

Map of eastern asia with the words "Japan?" and "Vietnam?"

You may have seen the movie, but do you actually know where Madagascar is? Take the quiz here.

5. 78% Of People Can Name All 20 Of These Famous Buildings — Can You?

Side-by-side images of St. Basil's Cathedral and a confused Leslie Jones from SNL
Getty / NBC

Do you know what the Eiffel Tower looks like? Take the quiz here.

8. You May Live On Earth, But How Much Do You Really Know About It?

Globe in hands and confused Kevin Hart
Getty / Netflix

Which country is currently the largest producer of sugar? Take the quiz here.

9. There Are 195 Countries In The World — Name Just 24 To Pass This Test

A with the word "Australia" and Z with the word "Zambia"
BuzzFeed / Jon-Michael Poff

You got this. Take the quiz here.

10. If You Can Name The Capitals Of These 10 Countries, You're Either A Genius Or You're Cheating

Globe with arrow and Nick Jonas looking confused
Getty / Giphy / @NickJonas / Via

Take this quiz and impress all of your friends. Take the quiz here.

11. 100% Of Europeans Can Pass This Quiz, But Only 5% Of Americans Can

Alice from alice in wonderland on the left thinking and the colosseum in rome on the right
Disney / Getty

Which country in Europe is considered the most popular tourist destination? Take the quiz here.

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