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These 11 Quizzes Will Totally Cure Your Boredom

These quizzes will keep you entertained — at least for a few minutes.

The very best BuzzFeed quizzes of the week

1. The 20 Desserts That You Love Or Hate Will Determine Your Exact Age

2. If You've Seen These Iconic Teen Movies, You're 100% A 2000s Girl

3. Spend A Day In 2020 And We'll Reveal Where You'll Be In 20 Years

4. Say "Yuck" Or "Yum" To These 20 Pastas And We'll Determine Your Love Language

5. This Is A Gen X'er Quiz That No Gen Z'er Or Millennial Could Realistically Do Well At

6. These Brainteasers About European Countries Will Stump Most People — Especially Americans

7. Pick A Song From Each Of These Artists And We'll Guess Your Age

8. How Many Of These Oddly Specific Things Did You Do As A Kid?

9. Eat Some Food In Every Color, And We’ll Tell You Which Generation Your Taste Buds Belong In

10. We Know How Old You Are Based On The Teen Movie Outfits You'd Wear

11. If You Get 17/19 On This "Harry Potter" Screenshot Test, You're Definitely Not A Muggle