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Updated on Jul 20, 2020. Posted on Jul 12, 2020

This Is A Gen X'er Quiz That No Gen Z'er Or Millennial Could Realistically Do Well At

And if you are a Gen Xer, then this quiz is for you!

  1. What TV show is this?

  2. What product did Coca-Cola launch in 1985?

    Bernard Annebicque/Sygma/Sygma via Getty Images
  3. In 1980 Brooke Shields did a controversial ad campaign for what brand?

    Hulton Archive/Getty Images
  4. In the early '80s, Janet Jackson had a recurring role in what popular sitcom?

    Paul Drinkwater/NBC
  5. This mansion appeared in what primetime soap?

    CBS Television
  6. Which of these is NOT a famous novel published in the 1980s?

    Getty Images
  7. Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder had a cameo in what classic Gen X movie?

    Warner Bros.
  8. This is a scene from which music video?

    Tommy Boy
  9. Which supermodel appeared alongside Mark Wahlberg in his Calvin Klein underwear campaign?

    Ron Galella, Ltd./ Getty Images
  10. What was the name of Elizabeth Wurtzel's memoir that helped cement her as the voice of Gen X?

    Riverhead Trade
  11. This is a scene from which music video?

  12. Which of these clothing brands did Drew Barrymore do an ad campaign for in the '90s?

    Steve Granitz Archive/WireImage
  13. Which legendary singer played Dwayne Wayne's mom on A Different World?

    NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images
  14. What is the name of this MTV VJ?

    The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images
  15. TLC famously pinned what to their clothing?

    Tim Roney/Getty Images
  16. Pedro Zamora from The Real World: San Francisco is credited as being one of the first people to do what on TV?

    MTV Everett Collection
  17. Which of these bands did NOT play Woodstock '94?

    Gabe Palacio/ImageDirect
  18. Which of these was NOT a '90s mall chain store?

    Bill Pugliano/Liaison
  19. This is a commercial for what?

    Retro Rabbit Ears/
  20. Bill Clinton used what classic '70s song as part of his 1992 presidential campaign?

    LUKE FRAZZA/AFP via Getty Images
  21. What was the name of the third-party candidate (who was also a very serious contender) that ran against Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush for the presidency in 1992?

    J. DAVID AKE/AFP via Getty Image
  22. This is a scene from which music video?

  23. What talk show is this?

    Sony Pictures Television
  24. This is a scene from what Madonna music video?

  25. And finally, what was the first music video ever played on MTV?


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