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These Are The 25 Best Quizzes From August — How Many Have You Already Taken?

End summer 2021 the right way: with a bunch of quizzes.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from August 2021 — in one place for your convenience.

1. If You Can't Correctly Answer These 16 Questions, You Shouldn't Be Handling Food

Washing raw chicken

2. This General Knowledge Quiz Will Keep Track Of Every Wrong Answer You Pick

karen from "Mean girls" looking confused

3. There Are 46 Events In The Summer Olympics, But I Bet You Can't Name 10

Olympic medals

4. If You Have No Random Knowledge, You'll Be In This Quiz A While

Sheldon from "Big Bang Theory"

5. Dress Yourself From Head To Toe And We'll Guess How Old You Are

Olivia Rodrigo with the words "age 35" and "age 18"

6. I'm Highly Skeptical That You Can Find More Than 16 Out Of 50 States On The Map

Child pointing to USA state

7. If You Did More Than Half Of These Things Growing Up, I Regret To Inform You That You Were A Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Ramona Flowers

8. Whenever Someone Tells Me They Know A Lot About Sex, These Are The 13 Questions I Give Them To Prove It

Condom on banana

9. Only Marvel Fans Who've Been Around Since Day One Can Score A 12/14 On This Phase One MCU Quiz

Black Widow and Captain America

10. Whenever Someone Tells Me They're A Good Speller, These Are The 11 Words I Ask Them To Spell

Necessary vs. Nesessary

11. Here Are 18 Controversial Opinions About Sex — Let's See How Many Of Them You Agree With

Dan and Blair from "Gossip Girl" with the words "Being in love doesn't actually make it any better"

12. If You Recognize These 28 Song Lyrics, You're A Real '00s Kid

Fergie with text, "You're so 2000 and late"

13. Say "Yes" Or "No" To These TV And Movie Wedding Dresses And We'll Reveal When You'll Get Married

Crazy Rich Asians wedding dress with yes and Bella's Twilight dress with no

14. Whenever Someone Tells Me They Know A Lot About Disney, These Are The 11 Questions I Ask Them

Simba with the words "Mulan's horse is khan, Belle's horse is Gaston, and Woody's horse is Bullseye"

15. Are You More Of A French Or Italian Foodie Based On This Delicious Quiz?

Crepes with the words "Are your taste buds more French or Italian"

16. I'm Genuinely Curious If You Think These Famous Young People Are More Celebs Or Influencers

Kylie Jenner with the words "Celeb or influencer"

17. How Many Of These 100 Iconic 1990s And 2000s Movies Have You Seen?

Legally Blonde and Mulan

18. Gen Z Can't Stand These 30 Millennial Phrases Or Words — I Want To Know If You Say Them Too

Millie Bobby Brown and the words "tiny human, doggo, and love that for me"

19. Unfortunately (And Surprisingly), Even "Harry Potter" Fans Who Read All The Books Can't Name These 23 Creatures

Cat and Owl

20. Pick 8 Chain Restaurants And We'll Guess Where You're From In The US

Chik fil a with the words south and mcdonalds with the word midwest

21. It's Time To See If You're Really The Main Character

Ginny with the words "main character" and marcus with the words "love interest"

22. Kiss, Marry, Or Dump These Marvel Characters To Find Out An Insecurity Of Yours

Bucky with the words "would you kiss, marry, or dump him?"

23. I Think All 24 Of These Actors Are Seriously Underrated — How Do You Feel About Them?

On the left, Angela Bassett labeled "underrated," and on the right, Amy Adams labeled "overrated"

24. Believe It Or Not, I Can Guess Your Age Based On The School Supplies You Buy

Mia Thermopolis and highlighters with the words "15 years old"

25. Stock Up On Groceries For The Week And We'll Accurately Guess Your Zodiac Sign

Woman shopping for groceries