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Here Are The 15 Best Quizzes From April So Far

April showers bring awesome quizzes.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from April 2021 so far — in one place for your convenience.

1. It's Pretty Obvious How Old You Are From The 12-Track Mixtape You Build

Interscope / Arista / Jive

My mix CD is going from "Sweet Caroline" straight into "Get Low." Take the quiz here.

2. Here Are 15 TV And Movie Prom Dresses — Would You Actually Wear Them?

Blair Waldorf's strapless feathered prom dress vs. Bella Swan's plain halter prom dress
The CW / Summit Entertainment

As long as I get a crown, I'm in. Take the quiz here.

3. If You Get 8/10 On This Random Knowledge Quiz, There's No More Room In Your Brain


It's time to put your fingers where the correct answers are. Take the quiz here.

4. These 17 Movies Are Apparently The Best Ever — Did You Actually Finish Watching Them?

Side-by-sides of Titanic and Moonlight
Paramount Pictures / A24

I totally understand if you turned Forrest Gump off after 30 minutes. Take the quiz here.

5. Did The Mandela Effect Get The Best Of You In These Disney Movies?

Enchanted mirror from Snow White saying "Magic mirror" and "mirror mirror"

It's pretty trippy! Take the quiz here.

6. Do You Spell These English Words Like Most People Do?

grey vs. gray
BuzzFeed / Audrey Engvalson

There's no wrong way, just different ways! Take the quiz here.

7. Here Are 32 Of My Favorite Movies – Check Off All The Ones You've Seen And I'll Judge Your Taste

Jack Black playing guitar in school of rock next to Miles from spider-man spiderverse
Epic/Columbia Records / Sony Pictures Releasing

Free recommendations if you haven't seen any of them! Take the quiz here.

8. If You've Seen Legally Blonde More Than Once, You Should Be Able To Ace This Quotes Quiz

MGM Distribution Co.

"Don't stomp your little ____ at me, honey." Take the quiz here.

9. Everyone Is A Combination Of One Disney Prince And Princess — Who Are You?

Aladdin and Belle

You might be more of an Elsa-Flynn than you think. Take the quiz here.

10. Which Generation Matches Your Taste Buds Based On Your Starbucks Order?

A brownie is on the left labeled, "Gen Z" with coffee cake on the right labeled, "Boomer"

You have Gen Z taste if you choose an Iced Matcha Green Tea. Take the quiz here.

11. Don't Even Think About Calling Yourself A Bookworm Unless You Check 29/56 Things On This List

Emma Watson reading a book and walking down the street as Belle in "Beauty and the Beast"

*inhales that new book smell.* Take the quiz here.

12. These 13 Trivia Questions Are Impossible To Answer, Even If You Think You're Smart

Confused Elle Woods with the words "you while taking this quiz"
MGM Distribution Co.

Prepare to get frustrated. Good luck. Take the quiz here.

13. It Shouldn't Be Hard To Spend Over $60 On Breakfast At Denny's, But You Probably Can't

Egg and bacon sandwich or pancakes and eggs and hashbrowns
2021 DFO, LLC.

Let's be honest, breakfast food is the best food. 🥞 Take the quiz here.

14. Build A Wild 5-Layer Cake And We'll Reveal Your Birth Month And Year

Chocolate cake with the word "August" and strawberry frosting with "1992"

The answer lies in each delicious layer. Take the quiz here.

15. If You Can't Get 100% On This Test, You're A Dummy When It Comes To English

Peter Pan and Ron Weasley both looking confused
Disney / Warner Bros. Pictures

Homophones, synonyms, prefixes, oh my! Take the quiz here.