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If You Can't Get 100% On This Test, You're A Dummy When It Comes To English

Homophones, synonyms, prefixes, oh my!

  1. Which punctuation can you use to end a sentence?

  2. What is the prefix of the word "automobile"?

  3. Fill in the blank: I'm ___ tired to care about that.

  4. What part of speech is the word "and"?

  5. Which of these is a synonym for "hostile"?

  6. Which of these sentences is a command (or imperative)?

  7. Which of these genres best fits "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost?

  8. In the cause and effect statement, "It's really hot out, so I decided to drink some lemonade," what is the cause?

  9. Which of these is NOT a pronoun?

  10. Which date is written correctly in American English?

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