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These Are The 21 Best Quizzes From September So Far

Brb I'm gonna be busy finding out if I'm "aggressively straight" or not.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from September 2021 so far — in one place for your convenience.

1. This 30-Song Comprehension Exam Will Precisely Estimate Your Age

Have you heard shake it off by taylor swift and britney spears image

2. This Is Just For Fun, But Let's See If You'd Survive One Day As A Vegan

The Office eating broccoli and edamame beans

3. If You Cannot Recognize At Least Half Of These Famous People, Then I'm Sorry, But You're An Old Fart

Charli Di'Amelio / Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett

4. People Are Debating If This Mom Is The A-Hole For Being Mad That The Teacher Gave Away Her Daughter's School Supplies To Other Students, And I'm Conflicted

Bob's Burgers Linda and Mr. Ratburn from "Arthur"

5. Young People Can Only Recognize Half Of These Celebs, And That's How We Can Guess Your Age

Olivia Rodrigo with the words "Do you know their name?"

6. Here Are 10 Real "Family Feud" Questions, And I Bet You Can't Guess Even Half Of The Top Answers

Kylie Jenner and Jonathan Van Ness with text, "Name a word a dog understands"

7. I'm Genuinely Curious Whether You Think These Celebrities Look Alike

Tiffany Thornton and Hayden Panettiere

8. This "Cold" Or "Hot" Food Quiz Will Guess If You're Under 21 Or Over 21

Pie hot or cold with Taylor Swift wearing braces

9. Johnny Depp Has Starred In Nearly 50 Movies — How Many Have You Seen?

Willy Wonka and Edward ScissorHands

10. You Can Only Pick One Iconic Outfit From Each Year At The Met Gala, And Sorry, But It's Pretty Hard

Anne Hathaway in a sheer lace gown with long, feathered sleeves, Miley Cyrus in a nude-look gown covered in a dark mesh

11. This Test Was Designed For Fifth Graders, But I'm Confident No Adult Can Pass It

Are you smarter than a 5th grader intro image

12. I Guarantee This "DreamWorks Vs. Pixar" Quiz Will Be The Hardest Thing You Do All Day

Spirit and Linguini from "Ratatouille"

13. If You Like At Least 31 Of These 57 Foods, Then You're Officially Not A Picky Eater

Baked beans and mussels with the numbers 31/57

14. Build A House And We'll Tell You The Color Of Your Soul

Pink soul or gold soul living room

15. This Alphabetical Buffet Quiz Will Reveal How Sweet You Are

Cake and charlotte from "Princess and the Frog"

16. People Love To Argue About Whether They Put These Things In The Cupboard Or The Refrigerator, So Let's See Where You Stand

Avocado with yes and sriracha sauce with no

17. If You Check Off More Than 50 Of These 101 Things, Then You Can Be Classified As "Aggressively Straight"

Man holding protein shake

18. We'll Give You The Perfect Disney Prince Husband, But First You're Going To Have To Design Your Own Wedding Dress

Flynn Ryder and Bride in floral gown

19. It's Pretty Obvious Whether You're An Introvert Or Extrovert From The 12-Track Mixtape You Build

Madonna Like A Virgin and Beyonce Crazy in Love

20. Only The Top 1% Of "Harry Potter" Fans Can Pass This "Chamber Of Secrets" Quiz

Ron and Dobby

21. If You've Heard All 30 Songs On My "Sad" Playlist, You Probably Need A Hug

a spotify sad songs playlist on the left and jessica day from new girl crying on the right