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If You Cannot Recognize At Least Half Of These Famous People, Then I'm Sorry, But You're An Old Fart

Don't be all uncool.

Last night was the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. A lot of people showed up. But did you know who any of them were? Based on your answers, I will determine whether or not you're an old fart. Oh, and the answers/people reveals are at the bottom. GOOD LUCK.

1. That's Debby Ryan and her fiancé, Josh Dun, from the band Twenty One Pilots.

2. Thats Iann Dior. He's a rapper.

3. That's Madison Beer. She sings. 

4. That's Katarina Deme. I think she's a TikToker.

5. That's Jack Harlow. He's a rapper.

6. That's Bella Poarch. She's a singer.

7. That's Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett. I don't know what they do.

8. That's Eben. He's a singer.

9. That's Quen Blackwell. Apparently she's the queen of TikTok.

10. That's Chase Hudson aka Lil' Huddy. He's a TikToker.

11. That's The Kid Laroi. He's a singer.

12. That's Omer Fedi. He's a guitarist and also Addison Rae's boyfriend.

13. That's Charli D'Amelio. She's famous from TikTok.

14. That's Tate Mcrae. She's a singer.

15. That's Bretman Rock. He's an influencer/YouTuber, etc.

16. That's Olivia Rodrigo. She's a singer and her songs are very popular.

17. That's Dixie D'Amelio. She's Charli's sister and also TikTok famous.

18. That's Nick Cannon. LOL.