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These Are The 13 Best Quizzes From August 2021 So Far

If you're bored, don't worry. We've got your back.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from August 2021 so far — in one place for your convenience.

1. There Are 46 Events in the Summer Olympics, but I Bet You Can't Name 10

Tokyo gold medal and diver
Atsushi Tomura/ Fred Lee / Getty Images

Dang, that's a lotta sports. Take the quiz here.

5. If You Recognize These 28 Song Lyrics, You're a Real '00s Kid

Fergie with text, "You're so 2000 and late"
Interscope Records

This is for everyone who sings Gwen Stefani to spell "bananas." Take the quiz here.

6. Say "Yes" or "No" to These TV and Movie Wedding Dresses and We'll Reveal When You'll Get Married

Wedding dresses from How I Met Your Mother and The Office

I would like to discuss Bella's wedding dress from Breaking Dawn – Part 1, please and thanks. Take the quiz here.

8. I'm Gonna Ask You Greek Mythology Questions and You Better Get 'Em Right

A statue of Achilles next to a screenshot of Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy with text asking how Achilles became nearly invincible
Getty / Warner Bros. Pictures

A lot of this is gonna be about how all those gods are related to each other. Take the quiz here.

9. How Many of These 100 Iconic 1990s and 2000s Movies Have You Seen?

Fight Club and Shrek
20th Century Fox Film/ Courtesy Everett Collection / DreamWorks / Courtesy Everett Collection

I guarantee you have seen at least 10 of these classics. Take the quiz here.

10. Kiss, Marry, or Dump These Marvel Characters to Find Out an Insecurity of Yours

"would you kiss marry or dump him?" next to a picture of bucky barnes
Marvel / Courtesy Everett Collection

If you don't want to kiss Loki, don't talk to me. Take the quiz here.

11. I'm Not Doubting You, but I Can't Say That I'm Confident Anyone Can Get 7/7 on This Disney Princess Pop Quiz

Mulan with her dog and Ariel with her sisters

BRB, I'll be watching Disney princess movies and ignoring my responsibilities today. Take the quiz here.

12. Your Taste in These 43 "Trashy" Movies Will Reveal If You're an Introvert, Extrovert, or Ambivert

"Christmas with the Kranks" and "nina"
Sony Pictures Releasing / Courtesy of Everett Collection / RLJ Entertainment

If you walked out of the theater during The Whole Ten Yards, then you're probably an extrovert. Take the quiz here.

13. Only People Who Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Teen Shows Will Be Able to Identify These Shows From a Vague Description

Aria from "Pretty Little Liars" making putting a finger to her lip in a "shush" motion in the opening credits

Let's see if you have what it takes to be a Teen Drama Queen. Take the quiz here.

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