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    19 Cosplayers Who Completely Nailed It At London Comic Con

    Warning: You're going to want to hug the Ewok.

    1. An "Alien" from the Alien franchise.

    2. Ant Man.

    3. A female Captain America.

    4. And a male Lara Croft.

    5. A family of Transformers.

    6. A Space Marine.

    7. A man decked out in Pokémon cards.

    8. Waluigi in a go-kart.

    9. Slenderman.

    10. A solitary Power Ranger.

    11. Pyramid Head.

    12. A trigger happy stormtrooper and TIE fighter pilot.

    13. An Ewok.

    14. Batman.

    15. And Lego Batman.

    16. Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead.

    17. A gang of Predators.

    18. Some puppet Wizards.

    19. And Killgrave, about to enjoy a cheeky Nando's.