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This Tumblr Account Shows All The High Street Stores Spotted In Sci-Fi Movies

"My dad says if you look really closely you can see a big Lidl in Ghostbusters."

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High Street Shops In Sci-Fi Films” is a Tumblr account that contains exactly what its title suggests. Kind of.

20th Century Fox / Michael M

Created by @michaelmphysics, the page contains stills from popular sci-fi movies that allegedly contain British shops in the background.

Orion Pictures / Michael M

And despite some allegations that the screencaps are photoshopped, Michael firmly states otherwise.

Imagine being this guy. Imagine thinking I was trying to pull the wool over yer eyes with those pictures.

Here are his findings in their full, "unaltered" glory:

DNA Films / Michael M

A Games Workshop in Dune.

Universal Pictures / Michael M

A Greggs in Blade Runner

Warner Bros. / Michael M

A Spar in The Running Man.

TriStar Pictures / Michael M

A Lidl in Ghostbusters.

Columbia Pictures / Michael M

A Debenhams in Moon.

Sony Pictures / Michael M

An Aldi in Back to the Future.

Universal Pictures / Michael M

A Halfords in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Marvel Studios / Michael M

A Betfred in The Thing.

Universal Pictures / Michael M

A Woolworths in Total Recall.

TriStar Pictures / Michael M

A Marks & Spencer in Terminator: Genisys.

Paramount Pictures / Michael M

A McDonald's in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Warner Bros. / Michael M

A Nisa in Predator.

20th Century Fox / Michael M

A KFC in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Warner Bros. / Michael M


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