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29 Childhood Snacks That Sadly Didn't Return In 2015

Gone but not forgotten.

1. Vanilla Monster Munch

Ice cream flavour Monster Munch? Hell yes, and they were delicious.

2. Penguin Flipper Dippers

Twitter: @LFPackaging

The only bad thing to be said is that they were missing the trademark Penguin joke.

3. Flake Snow

A white chocolate edition of the classic Cadbury Flake.

4. Heinz Baked Beans Pizza

Literally just a margherita pizza topped with baked beans.

5. Polo Super Mint

A bunch of mini Polos held inside the body of giant, plastic Polo.

6. Cadbury Snaps

Twitter: @liamboynex

If a crisp made love to some chocolate, the result would be Cadbury Snaps.

7. Starburst Joosters

Jelly beans with a special Starbursty edge.

8. Citrus, and butterscotch flavoured Polos

One for the mint haters.

9. Toffo

Flickr: milknosugar / Creative Commons

Individually wrapped spheres of toffee.

10. Hubba Bubba Bubble Jug

Powdered bubble gum that came in a jug. Times were wild.

11. Wonka Whipple Scrumptious Fudgemallow Delight

More than just a promotional tool for a movie.

12. Taz bar

Facebook: When / BuzzFeed

They now go by the name Freddo Caramel, but they're not fooling anyone.

13. Fizzy Jerkz

Another great taste from the people at Wonka.

14. 3D Doritos

Twitter: @CLB1996

2D Doritos are so last century, bring back the extra dimension.

15. Frufoo yoghurts

Twitter: @J_Semps

Why does no one remember these? These were the best.

16. Bendicks Mingles

The sharebox of champions.

17. Kit Kat Senses / Creative Commons

Gone before its time. RIP Kit Kat Senses.

18. Baby Bottle Pops

Still available in the USA, but sadly no longer on British shelves.

19. Cadbury Dream

Plain white chocolate made by Cadbury.

20. Mars Delight

Controversial opinion: These were better than the original Mars bars.

21. Cartoonies

What's better than biscuits? Biscuits filled with chocolate, of course.

22. Fuse

Possibly the most delicious chocolate bar to have been killed by its creator.

23. Storck Campino

The perfect companion for long car journeys.

24. Triple Power Push Pop

Three flavours of lolly in one handy cylinder.

25. Cadbury’s Marble

Took the choice out of choosing between white and dark chocolate.

26. Rowntrees Bursting Bugs

Bug shaped jelly snacks with a deliciously gooey centre.

27. Ice cream flavour Chewits

Why don't they make things in ice cream flavour anymore?

28. Spira

Another extinct Cadbury chocolate bar.

29. Calippo Shots

Your first experience of doing shots.