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    16 Lies That Movies Made You Believe Growing Up

    "I believed that high school was gonna be so much fun and that everyone randomly started singing for no reason."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what things movies falsely made them believe as children. Here are the results…

    1. Guitar-playing nuns

    20th Century Fox

    "After watching The Sound of Music, I thought that all nuns played the guitar. When I saw a nun in person for the first time, I asked her where her guitar was. I was about seven, I think."

    — Joann Ware, Facebook

    2. Random acts of singing


    "As a child I believed that high school was gonna be so much fun and that everyone randomly stood up and started singing for no reason. I don’t know why I actually thought High School Musical was realistic."


    3. Magical hurricanes

    Loew's Inc.

    "As a child, I honestly thought that tornadoes and hurricanes took you to magical places. I spent years cheering every single one I encountered until I learned that’s not true."


    4. Emotional flashbacks

    Walt Disney Studios

    "I thought that I would have vivid flashbacks during a profound epiphany that would completely change how I view the world and heal some old wounds."


    5. Rattlesnake encounters

    Universal Pictures

    "I was convinced rattlesnakes would be a common danger I’d have to face on a monthly basis. In Sweden. I was both fooled by movies and an idiot."


    6. Secret passageways

    20th Century Fox

    "I was, and still am, obsessed with secret entrances. We had a floor-to-ceiling bookcase that I was certain if I moved the right book, or vase, I’d be transported to another part of the house. If I moved a spindle on a staircase, I’d flip to the back stairs. Since I couldn’t find the right 'lever', I’d just run really quick."


    7. Epic house parties

    20th Century Fox

    "I thought that high school parties are in huge mansions with tons of alcohol and not just a couple of bottles of Jack in someone’s basement lmao."


    8. Frequent quicksand

    Warner Bros.

    "I thought I had a 9/10 chance of falling into quick-sand at some point in my life."


    9. Fields of love

    Focus Features

    "Until I was probably in middle school, I thought that the way girls met boys was walking through fields of flowers. I used to look for fields of flowers so I could walk through them."


    10. Secret twins

    Walt Disney Studios

    "My twin is probably out there somewhere, because parents separate twins all the time. See: Big Business, Twins, Parent Trap, Double Impact, Man in the Iron Mask, and Star Wars."


    11. Dramatic fainiting

    Paramount Pictures

    "As a kid, movies made me believe fainting was something every woman was prone to, especially when they see something weird. Also, apparently fainting always includes a light verbal swoon and a hand to the forehead before casually falling into the arms of someone who is always there to catch you, and a fainting spell can apparently last from minutes to hours to even days without the lady suffering any side effects. Need someone to wake up after falling unconscious? A slap, some light fanning, or some water to the face ALWAYS works!"


    12. Black and white world


    "I used to think that in the days of black and white movies the world itself was black and white."


    13. Loud kissing

    Sony Pictures Classics

    "I used to think all kissing was loud AF like in the movies."


    14. Ageing into a new person

    Walt Disney Studios

    "When I was little I always thought that when you grew up, you could look way different from what you looked like when you were younger due to the fact that when movie characters grew up, their adult selves looked a lot different from their kid selves. But that was really just because movies can’t find child actors that look exactly like their adult counterparts."

    — Molly McGee, Facebook

    15. Bodies in the street

    Paramount Pictures

    "I saw a movie once where a body was ditched on the side of the highway in a black garbage bag. For about three years I thought every garbage bag on the side of the highway was a dead body and nobody talked about it."


    16. Love at first bump

    20th Century Fox

    "I got this from high school movies but I thought that the whole 'bump into each other in the hallway and a cute guy picks up your papers for you' was a thing that happens a lot. It doesn’t."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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