22 Magical Cakes All Book Lovers Will Appreciate

    A Song of Icing and Fire.

    1. This wonderful tribute to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

    2. This Sorting Hat all Harry Potter fans will fall in love with.

    3. This scrumdiddlyumptious Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory cake.

    4. And this Matilda cake for the serious Roald Dahl fan.

    5. This cute little hobbit house from Lord of the Rings.

    6. This classic Penguin paperback.

    7. This blood-soaked birthday cake for any fan of the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

    8. This Very Hungry Caterpillar is guaranteed to make you hungry.

    9. This Moby Dick cake would make a splash at any event.

    10. This Shakespeare cake for fans of the classics.

    11. Or this Twilight cake for people after something a little modern.

    12. This Great Gatsby cakes oozes '20s glamour.

    13. This spooky, yet delicious Edgar Allan Poe cake.

    14. This lovely little Jacqueline Wilson cake.

    15. This Hunger Games birthday cake makes ensures that the odds are ever in your favour.

    16. This tasty tower of literature.

    17. This charming cake inspired by The Bell Jar.

    18. This Clockwork Orange cake is guaranteed to appeal to fans of the classic novel.

    19. This delightful three-tier Where the Wild Things Are cake.

    20. This romantic Pride and Prejudice cake for the Jane Austen fans.

    21. This cake designed to look like an edition of Rebecca.

    22. This Wonderful Wizard of Oz cake belongs in no place but your home.