15 Disney Senior Citizens Who Are Way Better Than The Disney Princesses

So. Much. Sass.

Sure the Disney Princesses are great, but you know the saying: age before beauty.

Old people are secretly the stars of Disney movies. Here are the best of the best.


15. Lady Tremaine — Cinderella

Disney / Via splatter.com

Why is she an awesome old person: She would be the least fun Disney senior to hang out with by far, but you have to give her a little credit for being a stone-cold beotch.

14. Kekata — Pocahontas

Disney / Via fanpop.com

Why is he an awesome old person: Kekata doesn’t get all that much to do in Pocahontas, which is why he isn’t ranked higher, but he’s clearly wise and level-headed.

13. Madam Mim — The Sword in the Stone

Disney / Via cckit.com

Why is she an awesome old person: As evidenced by her quote, Madam Mim is honest. She’s a crazy and off-putting, but you get the sense that Madam Mim really loves being Madam Mim. Good for her.

12. The Duke of Weselton — Frozen


Why is he an awesome old person: He’s a duplicitous little twerp, that’s for sure, but he’s got a nice veneer of class to him, and a pretty solid mustache. Also, dude’s got moves.

11. Grandmother Willow — Pocahontas

Disney / Via tumblr.com

Why is she an awesome old, umm, tree: In addition to being thoughtful, kind, and full of great insights, Grandmother Willow is the best at throwing shade *badum-tish*

10. Fairy Godmother — Cinderella

Why is she an awesome old person: She’s a solid tailor and profoundly kind. If you were having a bad day, she would make it 1000% better. She might not even need to use her magic. She’s just nice like that.

9. Madame Adelaide Bonfamille — The Aristocats

Disney / Via disney.wikia.com

Why is she an awesome old person: She’s so fancy. Madame Bonfamille looks great for her age, but she’s also a warm and generous person, though she is a little naive.

8. Georges Hautecourt — The Aristocats

Why is he an awesome old person: Georges seems to be a good-hearted chap, but he gets the edge over his client, Madame Bonfamille, because he’s unintentionally gifted at physical comedy. And his glasses are ridiculous.

7. Archimedes Q. Porter — Tarzan


Why is he an awesome old person: He just seems delightful. He’s a loving father, a devoted scientist, and look how high his pants are pulled up.

6. Rafiki — The Lion King

Disney / Via blogs.disney.com

Why is he an awesome old mandrill: Rafiki has that special brand of craziness that comes hand-in-hand with wisdom. Also, he beat the bejeezus out of those Hyenas, which was pretty sweet.

5. Yzma — The Emperor’s New Groove


Why is she an awesome old person: Yzma is evil, but man does she rock it. And she gets stuff done — aside from the whole “actually killing Kuzco” thing. Broad’s got style, and most importantly, she’s voiced by Eartha Kitt.

4. Grandma Fa — Mulan



Why is she an awesom old person: Grandma Fa is a devoted and loving member of the Fa family, but the best part about her is just how sassy she is. She’s feisty and DGAF.

And Grandma Fa has The Thirst.



3. Widow Tweed — The Fox and the Hound

Why is she an awesome old person: Look at her. Look how kind she is. She loves animals, and even has a soft spot for her neighbor Amos Slade, despite their animosity.

Oh, and she’s also a total badass.


2. Carl Fredricksen — Up

Disney / Via giphy.com

Why is he an awesome old person: Carl Fredricksen is the realest old person in the Disney cannon. He’s grumpy, he’s achey, and he clearly brings a lifetime’s worth of experiences with him wherever he goes. But he also has a heart of gold, and has plenty more life to live.

He was one half of the greatest, saddest love story ever told. Carl loved Ellie, we love Carl.

1. Merlin — The Sword in the Stone


Why is he an awesome old person: Carl may be the most truthful and moving portrayal of the elderly in a Disney movie, but the wizard Merlin would be a blast to hang out with. He’s a crazy, brilliant, time traveling wizard.

He goes on vacation in Bermuda. In the future. He is the greatest.


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