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    29 Photos That Prove "The Umbrella Academy" Cast Are Friendship Goals

    Is there room for a Number Eight? Asking for a friend who loves the show and the cast.


    Like many other The Umbrella Academy fans, I binge-watched the latest season as soon as it came out, which means I'm now in a state of perpetual sadness until the next one drops.


    To help ease that pain a little, here are some adorable behind-the-scenes photos of the entire cast being best friends.

    1. When Justin Min (Ben) reintroduced everyone to his Umbrella Academy family through this set of photos taken on a disposable camera.

    2. When Emmy Raver-Lampman (Allison) and Tom Hopper (Luther) goofed around in between filming their reunion scene.

    3. When Justin, Tom, Aidan Gallagher (Number Five), and David Castañeda (Diego) huddled together to take this adorable picture.

    4. When Ellen Page (Vanya) and Marin Ireland (Sissy) shared one of the most perfect photos I have ever seen.

    5. When Ellen, Tom, Justin, and Emmy hung out together and were all smiles for the camera.

    6. When David and Ritu Arya (Lila) were the definition of flawless.

    7. When Emmy and Tom posed up a storm in their Umbrella Academy outfits.

    8. Oh, and don't forget about this video of Justin looking like an absolute cutie in his schoolboy uniform.

    9. When this picture-perfect moment of Ellen and Justin Paul Kelly (Harlan) walking toward the Umbrella Academy set was captured.

    @ellenpage / @kirstenbournekelly / Via

    10. When Justin shared this snapshot of Marin, Ellen, and Emmy with the caption, "WOMEN. 👑"

    11. When David and Aidan looked dapper as HECK.

    12. When Tom posted this picture, which gave off immense golden retriever energy.

    13. When Justin uploaded this hilarious behind-the-scenes video that you will not regret watching.

    14. When Ellen and Emmy looked like two badass queens, ready to take on the world with their hot water bottles.

    15. When Justin, Robert Sheehan (Klaus), and David proved that they weren't just onscreen brothers in this hilarious carousel of photos.

    16. When Ritu and David showed off their killer moves, which made me wish that they included more snippets of them dancing during the Mexican Consulate scenes.

    17. When Emmy and her onscreen husband Yusuf Gatewood (Ray) took this sweet photo.

    18. When Emmy, David, and Rob couldn't resist messing around and having a bit of fun on set.

    19. When David uploaded this thirst-inducing photo, which left the fandom collectively gobsmacked.

    20. When Emmy and Rob clearly knew how to work their best angles.

    21. When the entire Umbrella Academy cast and crew sang "Happy Birthday!" to Aidan.

    22. When David gave his Instagram followers a trailer tour and asked everyone not to laugh at his hair, even though we all love it.

    23. When Justin managed to still look adorable, even though he was covered in vomit.

    24. When Justin and Ritu buddied up together to take this cute pic.

    25. When Tom (unsuccessfully) tried to blend into the wallpaper.

    26. When Emmy looked all kinds of gorgeous in this 1963 look.

    27. When Kate Walsh shared these images of her slaying one of the Handler's many iconic outfits.

    28. When Emmy shared this very normal photo of a typical day on the Umbrella Academy set.

    29. And lastly, when the Umbrella Academy fans were blessed with this festive photo of the cast wearing Christmas jumpers.