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    The Handler's Outfits Stole Every Scene In "The Umbrella Academy" Season 2 And These Pics Prove It

    We stan a fashionable queen.


    Ever since The Umbrella Academy Season 2 dropped a couple of days ago, I've been reminiscing about the best moments, funniest tweets and all the burning questions I still have after THAT plot twist ending.

    Klaus, Diego, Ben, Luther and Alison looking at a nuclear missile in the distance exploding

    But, there's one thing in particular that caught my eye while watching — and that was The Handler's iconic outfits, which literally stole the show.

    had to stop watching for a minute and do an appreciation post for the handler and her iconic outfits on #UmbrellaAcademy2

    Seriously, just look at Kate Walsh being the absolute queen she is and rocking this number.

    The Handler wearing a royal-inspired outfit

    And how adorable and quaint is this Audrey Hepburn-inspired outfit, complete with matching pearls and an oversized pair of sunnies?!

    I was even thinking about ranking them from "cute" to "drop dead gorgeous", but they were all so amazing that I decided to do an appreciation post instead.

    The Handler wearing a long black coat with a matching hat and scarf

    Because honestly, how can you a pick a favourite when all the looks are this level of perfection?

    The Handler wearing a red coat, matching hat and skirt and a white wig

    Being the angel that she is, Kate Walsh even blessed us with some behind the scenes imagery.

    As well as a video showing her in full Handler attire.

    Excited to share with u the first look behind the scenes at one of #TheHandler’s many lewks 💋☂ More to come 😉🖤 #UmbrellaAcademy @NXOnNetflix @UmbrellaAcad

    What a badass.

    If you're wondering about the genius behind these looks, in an interview with Variety, costume designer Christopher Haragadon said he collaborated with Walsh and took inspiration from "magazines and other photo references from the 1950s and '60s" to create the colourful and grand apperances.

    The Handler wearing a yellow embroidered coat

    So, for example, Jackie Kennedy — who was a prominent fashion icon during the 1960s — can be seen in this luxurious White House-ready coat.

    The Hander wearing a Jackie Kennedy inspired gold coat with an elaborate hat. She is standing next to Lila

    Even though I didn't really care for The Handler in Season 1, these outfits have really done a number on me.

    It's official...I'm totally and utterly OBSESSED with them. I wish I had all of these gorgeous ensembles in my closet.

    The Handler wearing a floral coat

    In conclusion: I stan The Handler, her badass outfits and Kate Walsh for doing such an excellent job portraying her.