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    35 Weirdly Attractive Disney Characters You Totally Crushed On As A Kid

    Hands up if you forgot what a total catch Robin Hood was.

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    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us all about their Disney crushes from when they were younger. Here are their hilariously nostalgic responses.

    1. Aladdin – Aladdin

    Walt DIsney Pictures

    "100% Aladdin. I used to have an action figure of him that I would bring into the bathtub with me. I definitely should have known I was gay strictly by that."


    2. Robin Hood – Robin Hood

    Walt DIsney Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures

    "That fox had just enough edge to his noble persona to make me swoon."


    3. Megara – Hercules

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "I had a huge crush on Hercules and Meg. I didn’t fully understand how I could like a girl and a boy. That is until I came out as bisexual and realised that nothing was wrong with me! I still thank Meg for causing my sexual awakening."


    4. Kovu – The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Kovu was the extent of my bad boy phase. I didn't care that he was a lion, he was still hot."


    5. General Li Shang – Mulan

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Definitely Shang. I don’t know if it was the striking features, the hot bod, or the ambitious personality, but I was definitely *slightly* jealous of Mulan."


    6. Gaston – Beauty and the Beast

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "I was, and, still am in love with Gaston. I keep trying, without succeeding, to get my husband to dress up as Gaston for Halloween. Maybe this year!"


    7. John Smith – Pocahontas

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "I had the BIGGEST crush on John Smith. I remember going to Disney World and hiding under the table when he came by during breakfast because I was too shy to confront my crush."


    8. Prince Eric – The Little Mermaid

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "When I was little I used to imagine that Prince Eric and I were married. He was always such a hunk and so supportive of Ariel and her dreams. Plus he fell in love with a woman who was half-fish, so you know he’s not too superficial."


    9. Hades – Hercules

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Help me... he was just so suave."


    10. Peter Pan – Peter Pan

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Peter freaking Pan. I was absolutely in love with him and genuinely believed that if I left my window open every night, he would come whisk me away to Neverland one day."


    11. Adult Simba – The Lion King

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "It might seem silly, but when The Lion King came out I became OBSESSED with it. We saw it eight times in the theatre and I had a huge crush on adult Simba. He may not be the same species, but he was attractive with that luxurious mane!"


    12. The Genie – Aladdin

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "He's funny and can do, or be, anything. I still love that big, blue guy."

    – Samantha Hoover, Facebook

    13. Milo Thatch – Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "He was smart, attractive, and adventurous. What's not to love?"


    14. Lady Marian – Robin Hood

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Yes, I am totally aware that she is an animal but I don't know. She was gorgeous."

    – Pilartaratoruga

    15. Prince Phillip – Sleeping Beauty

    Walt Disney Pictures, Walt DIsney Pictures

    "He sings beautifully, was willing to marry Aurora when he only knew her as a peasant, and FOUGHT A DRAGON to save her! Only in your dreams is right, my peeps."


    16. Mulan – Mulan

    Walt DIsney, Walt Disney Pictures

    "I became more attracted to Mulan because, well, she's a total badass. Gave it her all, showed that girls aren't weak, and saved China. Plus she always looked fine as hell, even when she was pretending to be a man."


    17. Hercules – Hercules

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Hercules really made me fawn over him as a kid because he has such undying love for Meg, and I found that amazing."


    18. Ariel – The Little Mermaid

    Walt Disney Pictures, Walt DIsney Pictures

    "Ariel was definitely my first wife/life goals dilemma before I even knew it. Same thing with Meg from Hercules. So thank you Disney for making girls gorgeous and helping me realise I'm gay as hell."

    – Hana Cvrčková, Facebook

    19. Flynn Rider – Tangled

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Tangled was the first movie that my family went to together, and honestly Flynn Rider just got to me. The way he looked at Rapunzel melted my little heart. And sure, he was a douche at the beginning, but that's what character development is for."


    20. Max – The Goofy Movie

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "When I was about five, I told my parents Max was my boyfriend. I also remember absolutely hating the girl he had a crush on in The Goofy Movie because she was trying to move in on my man."


    21. Scar – The Lion King

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "That dangerously elegant voice coming out of a lion with a slick, black mane and piercing, green eyes gave me chills when I was five and still gives me chills now. Scar doesn't make me quiver with fear, he makes me quiver in awe."


    22. Jasmine – Aladdin

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Well, I totally had a crush on Jasmine growing up. The thing is, I didn't really register it as romantic attraction until I came to terms with my sexuality. I just thought I was really into her because she represented brown girls on the silver screen. Apparently not."


    23. Taran – The Black Cauldron

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "It’s a super old movie and it came out way before me, but I definitely remember crushing hardcore on Taran. He was brave and always protected his girl. Plus even though the movie scared me to death, he definitely made it better for my five-year-old self."


    24. Jim Hawkins – Treasure Planet

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "I remember my six-year-old self watching Treasure Planet for the first time and going, 'Woah'. Apparently that was enough for me to know that James Pleiades Hawkins was the man I wanted to marry."


    25. Helga – Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "I know that Helga was one of the bad ones, but I fell in love with her when I was just a little girl. I even remember her first scene, when she's at Milo's house, and her hair and her look... she was EVERYTHING."

    – Chica Shook

    26. Prince Adam – Beauty and the Beast

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Prince Adam was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen when I was five years old. Those blue eyes, that long hair... aaaaand I just realised my 32-year-old self is now marrying a guy with blue eyes and long hair. It all makes sense now."


    27. David – Lilo & Stitch

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "David listened to Nani when she said she couldn’t handle a relationship at the time, and then supported and helped her when she was struggling to raise Lilo by herself. Also he can juggle tiki torches, so he’s pretty much the total package!"


    28. Jane – Peter Pan 2

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Everyone at home knows that I was obsessed with the second part of the Peter Pan movie. And everyone thought that I was in love with Peter... but here's a little plot twist... I was actually in love with Jane, Wendy's daughter. I couldn't take my eyes off her. I guess I was already bisexual."

    – Marián

    29. Pluto – The Moose Hunt

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "When I was a kid I loved Pluto. Yes, the dog. My mom remembers that she used to play a video where Pluto was and I just started dancing for him and talking to him. Don't ask me why," fixxx

    – Plutónica

    30. Pocahontas – Pocahontas

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "My crush since I was very little was Pocahontas. Not just because of how she looks, but because I totally adored her philosophy, way of life, and her passion for animals and nature."

    – Debu

    31. Beast – Beauty and the Beast

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "I know, I know, but I DON'T CARE. I can't keep this secret anymore. Beast was the hottest man and beast in the world. I was very disappointed when he became human."

    – Marlene

    32. Kida – Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Kida was completely different to all the princesses that Disney had at this time. She was a beauty, but was also a strong and clever woman who was dedicated to the problems of her country."

    – Andrea

    33. Tarzan – Tarzan

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Who doesn’t love a guy who can not only rock a loin cloth, but can also talk to monkeys and gorillas?!"


    34. Esmeralda – The Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "I watched Disney movies everyday as a kid and always knew that I (really) liked girls. But Esmeralda was DEFINITELY my biggest crush."


    35. Jafar – Aladdin

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Okay, here it goes. I had a ~thing~ for Jafar from ages five to eight. I imagined that he must be hurt inside and sad, so that's why he turned evil. I wanted to fix him so I wrote a letter to 'The Movie Company', asking them to make a movie called 'Jafar's Bad Day' where he was sad and then happy again. My mum actually sent it too!"


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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