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Ikran Dahir • 3 days ago

Como a imprensa se enganou ao chamar a morte desta adolescente de “eutanásia legal"

Relatos imprecisos, alegando que a holandesa de 17 anos tinha sido “eutanasiada legalmente”, foram tão difundidos na internet que até o papa tuitou sobre isso.

Mark Di Stefano • 3 days ago
Ikran Dahir • 7 days ago

Celebrities Are Turning Their Accounts Blue In Solidarity For Sudan

The international community was initially criticised for not speaking up about the situation in Sudan.

Ikran Dahir • 10 days ago

A Blue Profile Picture Has Become A Symbol Of Solidarity With Sudan

The Mattar Blue movement started after the death of Mohamed Hashim Mattar, a 26-year-old engineer and graduate of London’s Brunel University, who was killed in the crackdown on June 3.

Ikran Dahir • 11 days ago

Halsey Made A Moving Speech About Why There's No Need For A Straight Pride Parade

“That’s why there’s not a straight pride parade, because every fucking day on public transport is a straight pride parade.”

Ikran Dahir • 13 days ago
Ikran Dahir • 14 days ago

A News Agency Which Wrongly Reported The Death Of A Dutch Teen As A “Legal Euthanasia” Is Now Claiming She Died From “Self-Euthanasia”

As mainstream media outlets worked to correct a major reporting error on the death of 17-year-old Noa Pothoven, CEN was pitching new claims about her.

Mark Di Stefano • 17 days ago



Mark Di Stefano • 9 days ago
Ikran Dahir • 18 days ago

A Dutch Teenager’s Death Was Wrongly Reported As “Legal Euthanasia” Across International Media. Here’s How They All Got It Wrong.

Inaccurate stories claiming the 17-year-old had been “legally euthanised” travelled so widely across the internet that even the pope appeared to tweet about it.

Mark Di Stefano • 18 days ago

BTS Played Wembley Stadium For The First Time And Everyone Cried, Including Us

The Korean group played to 120,000 fans in two historic performances at Wembley Stadium.

Ikran Dahir • 21 days ago

These Siblings Graduated On The Same Day So They Shot An Amazing Video In The School Library

"Okay, but imagine going OFF with your sibling, that hard."

Ikran Dahir • 25 days ago
Ikran Dahir • One month ago

Serena Williams' Husband Wants To Get Better At Doing His Daughter's Hair But His Approach Divided Opinion

"This is more than hair. This is you saying I care about my little girl."

Ikran Dahir • One month ago
Ikran Dahir • One month ago
Ikran Dahir • One month ago

Jungkook Finally Got To Meet Ariana Grande And It Was Everything

BTS are in the US and they're living their best lives.

Ikran Dahir • One month ago

French Montana Got Cultural For The Met Gala To Mark The First Day Of Ramadan

"When you’ve got Met Gala at 7pm but Taraweeh at 9pm."

Ikran Dahir • One month ago

This Korean YouTuber Just Educated Herself And Her Audience On Cultural Appropriation

"In South Korea, there are plenty of people trying box braids or dreadlocks, but they barely discuss the issue of cultural appropriation."

Ikran Dahir • One month ago