Meet The Woman Who Sparked The Squinting Meme The Entire Internet Can't Get Enough Of

    "When a period cramp hits you out of nowhere."

    This is Kalin Elisabeth from Gwinnett County, Georgia.

    Elisabeth told BuzzFeed News she was at a baby shower and wanted to take this squat pose photo.

    Elisabeth said: "My friends and I have started this whole squat squad thing. ... So typically we do the trendy squat in at least one of our pictures, depending on the occasion."

    She said: "I did the trendy squat for one of my poses and when I got up... My knees were not too happy about that decision, LOL. I wasn’t looking at anything, as many people think. I was just in agony."

    When your knees are crying after you’ve squatted for the gram 😂😂😂

    "My girlfriends, Mia, Jada, Clair, and Dani made some of the original memes," she added. "Those were so funny."

    The pose instantly became a relatable meme.

    When a period cramp hits you out of no where

    She said that she had no idea it would go viral like this. "After a couple of days I realized this wasn’t slowing down, but I had absolutely no idea it would catch fire the way it did.

    "I love it, though. Like I said, I felt like my purpose in life is to bring as many smiles to as many faces as possible before I leave the world."

    Elisabeth said her mom is getting a kick out of all this and her friends have been super supportive.

    Me: *shows my mom a video on Twitter* My Mom: Who is that?

    Elisabeth said she found the responses hilarious. She said: "So many people have reached out telling me how the memes have brought them so much joy.

    "I’ve even been asked for more 'meme-able' photos. Everyone has showed so much love, my heart is truly overfilled."

    The Baudelaire children: That's literally Count Olaf right there please he's going to kidnap us again Every other character:

    Elisabeth said it's difficult to choose a favourite, but this one about getting down on a short man's level leaves her in stitches every time. "I’m so sorry to my short fellas, it’s all love," she said.

    When a short man gets angry so you gotta get down to their level to see what the issue is.

    People have edited her inside a car.

    *store SEEMS closed* me trying to see the store hours without getting out of my car:

    With the "tired SpongeBob" meme.

    When you & your friend both out of shape but race up the stairs

    And the Walmart boy.

    Me, looking at all of the memes of the little boy yodeling in WalMart. #OhLawdChallenge cc. @Solo_Kalin

    What a week.

    Me trying to keep up with this week’s meme cycle