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These Siblings Graduated On The Same Day So They Shot An Amazing Video In The School Library

"Okay, but imagine going OFF with your sibling, that hard."

Meet siblings Dawar Aamir, 22, Neha Aamir, 25, and Faras Aamir, 23, from Bel Air, Maryland.


Dawar and Neha graduated on the same day. He got his bachelor’s degree and Neha got her master’s.


Faras said, "To our surprise when we walked into the ceremony, Neha was the commencement speaker."

Neha told BuzzFeed News that she didn't tell her family that she was speaking until the moment that they were seated in the VIP seats and watched her walk towards the stage.

Dawar designed his graduation cap to have an Avengers: Endgame theme.

A video of Dawar and Neha showing off their graduation gowns has gone viral for how amazing it is.

What happens when my sister and I graduate on the same day

Faras, who created the video, told BuzzFeed News: "I’m a creative known for publishing my art, music, podcasts, comedy videos, and travel montages online that accumulate millions of views across my channels.

"That comes with me making candid videos of the three of us on our trips and experiences we share together.

"I’m truly blessed to call my siblings my best friends so when my sister told me she wanted me to make a little video for them wearing their cap and gowns together for commencement day, I knew I had to swag them all the way out to show how boss they really are."

Neha said: "The graduations themselves were unbelievable. Still get goosebumps thinking what a moment it was for our parents, who immigrated with us from Pakistan in 2001 just to give us a better life and more opportunities. "

"This was all truly for them. I graduated with my Master’s of Science degree from Johns Hopkins University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Dawar graduated with his Bachelor’s of Science degree from Towson University in Mass Communications."

A lot of people said that the video was a big flex.

You really didn't have to flex on us this hard 😭🤒

she said “bitxh i got red bottoms and you dont”

And some people said they're sibling goals.

Goals 😭

i wish me & my sister would graduate at the same time

If I had a twin sis we’d kill the game like this

okay but imagine going OFF with your sibling, that hard lmao

Ikran Dahir is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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