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    FOREO Is Having A 30% Off Sale For Prime Day, And We Are All Blessed

    Including deals on their facial cleansing brushes, toothbrushes, and more!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hello beautiful humans, it's Prime Day and the GODS of skin care have gifted us with a beautiful 30% off a worthy selection of personal hygiene products from FOREO!

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    And if you're wondering what exactly are FOREO products in the first place, well, I'm gonna explain it to you! First off, all the products, are 100% waterproof and are made of silicone — which means no scratchy bristles and no weird mold months down the line!

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    Which, GROSS! No one wants that!

    Specifically, all the facial cleansers have dope touchpoints that are super soft and bendable so they won't irritate even the most sensitive skin!


    The FOREO has different sizes of silicone bristles to choose from, especially if you have dry, oily, acne-prone, or aging skin (and all skin ages every day, actually!).

    All the cleansers have a narrow tip to get every part of your face, including the crooks in your nose and since they're WATERPROOF, you can use these babies in the shower and nothing but magic will happen to it (and by magic I mean a clean AF face).

    It all started with the original FOREO LUNA, which can clean your face within two (TWO) minutes of your time, and gets all up in your skin with specialized T-Sonic pulses (which just means vibrations) to exfoliate your gorgeous face, clearing pores before they turn into big, juicy, whiteheads.

    Promising review: "I love the way my face feels after I've used FOREO LUNA Cleansing Brush. It really gets my face clean, leaves my skin feeling really soft, and it removes all of my makeup. Love it!" —M. Perelman

    Get it for $169 (originally $249, available in three colors.

    The FOREO LUNA mini can do nearly everything the big one can do, except you can take the thing on the go, and it cuts down the time to exactly ONE minute because you're a busy person who really needs their face spotless ASAP!

    Several of our editors swear by this tiny machine. See our full review here.

    Get it for $69.30 (originally $99, available in five colors); discount applied at checkout.

    The LUNA go is perfect for taking with you abroad and can take off 99.5% of the foreign dirt that'll plague your skin and mess up your vacation pics.

    Promising review: "I was a little hesitant at first, but I surf almost every day and I needed a way to get off the 100% zinc oxide paste I use on my face. I usually have to scrub my face red to get it off! Well, this little thing does it. I put some cleansing gel on my face, run this over it for about two minutes, and it comes off. It is also super tiny and cute, hold a charge for a while. I love it so much, I'm going to get the bigger one for everyday use!" —Chia-Chia Chang

    Get it for $69.30 (originally $99). You can get one for sensitive skin, normal skin, combination skin, oily skin, and one for people who identify as a dude (or you just really love the color black).

    If you decide on the FOREO LUNA 2, know that it's able to remove gross dead skin and blackheads from your face, leaving it brighter and more radiant in under two minutes!!! Plus, if you have oily skin, there's a different pattern of silicone touchstones to really SCRUB the shit out of your face without all the irritation.

    Promising review: "I'm kind of obsessed with this device! My skin feels so smooth and after just one week of use, I'm glowing! Very gentle, but impactful!" —k8

    Get it for $139.30 (originally $199). You can get one for sensitive skin, normal skin, oily skin, combination skin, and one for people who identify as a dude (or just dig the color black).

    And lastly, the FOREO LUNA mini 2 more specifically beeps throughout the 60-second cleaning process letting you know when it's time to move to a different part of your face — from one cheek, chin, second cheek, nose, and forehead. There's a Barney song somewhere in here if you truly LOOK.


    Promising review: "Well worth the money! I have notified a huge difference in the texture of my skin, it is so much smoother. The pores along my nose are also smaller and I have less blackheads." —Sara

    Get it for $97.30 (originally $139; available in five colors).

    Check out why one BuzzFeed editor is OBSESSED with this product for more info!

    All of these products will make you feel like fucking royalty !

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