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    20 Reasons You Should Absolutely Never Watch "Parks And Rec"

    "Pawnee, first in friendship, fourth in obesity."

    1. April Ludgate is boring as hell.

    2. Ann Perkins is just mean and annoying.

    3. Leslie and Ben have zero chemistry.

    4. Seriously, they suck.

    5. There's also this wet blanket named Jean-Ralphio.

    6. The show's got no one-liners.

    7. And zero cute moments.

    8. Tom Haverford is super unoriginal.

    9. Donna Meagle is such a bad role model.

    10. Speaking of role models, there are no good female friendships.

    11. Or friendships at all for that matter.

    12. Ben just isn't relatable.

    13. And neither is Leslie.

    14. I mean, she's nothing but calm and collected.

    15. Andy and April are proof that you should never marry young.

    16. There are no good guest characters.

    17. Or running jokes.

    18. Or inspirational moments.

    19. Basically, don't watch Parks and Rec.

    20. That way, there's more for me.

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