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    15 Disney Movie Plot Holes That People Cannot Get To The Bottom Of

    Scar from The Lion King wants to be king so much that he's willing to have his family killed...but he waited to be evil until before Simba was born.

    Turns out that there are so many Disney movie plot holes, an article about the ones that infuriated people received even more examples in the comments! So here are 15 more Disney movie plot holes:

    1. "In Cinderella, why does the fairy godmother only give Cinderella a pretty dress and shoes? Why doesn't she do something more useful, like adopting her or finding her a better place to live?"

    The fairy godmother comforts a crying, immensely distressed Cinderella but just gives her a nice look

    2. "Why do the fairies bring Sleeping Beauty home the day before her birthday? If they had waited one more day, she would have been free of the spell!"

    Maleficent says, "Before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die," But Aurora is back home alone on her sixteenth birthday

    3. "In Beauty and the Beast, why do the first few petals take years to fall off, and then when Belle comes, like five fall off in like a week?"

    Belle in the live-action remake looking at the flower

    4. "In Aladdin, the Sultan was like, 'Jasmine, you know the law!!!' but in the end, they discovered Aladdin wasn't really a prince; the sultan just changed the law right then. Like...couldn't you have done that in the first place?"

    The Sultan says, "From this day forth, the princess shall marry whoever she deems worthy," and Jasmine beams

    5. "At the end of Hannah Montana: The Movie, Miley shares her pop star secret with a WHOLE CONCERT of people and then is like, 'Don't tell anyone.' There's no way everyone at that concert would agree to keep Miley's identity a secret."

    Miley takes off her wig in front of a bunch of people, and we're supposed to believe none of them ever said a thing

    6. In The Lion King, if Scar wants to be king so much that he's willing to have his family members killed, why didn't he kill Mufasa years ago, long before Simba was born?

    "Waited years to be evil" written next to Scar

    7. This one isn't totally a plot hole, but "how does Pocahontas's hair stay so perfect in a wind spiral?!"

    Pocahontas's hair is blowing a lot in the wind, but it remains perfect

    8. Also not completely a plot hole, but it's a very valid question: "What was the glass slipper supposed to revert to? I'm certain they weren't previously a plain pair of brown pumps. Wasn't everything else transformed from objects already in the vicinity?"

    9. "Why must the servants in Beauty and the Beast be cursed as well because the prince is a douche canoe? Seems like disproportionate retribution to punish hundreds of people who did nothing wrong."

    In the live-action remake, Belle asks Lumière "What happens when the last petal falls," Lumière says, "The master remains a beast forever," and Cogsworth says, "And we become antiques"

    10. In Revenge of the Sith, which, weirdly, is now a Disney movie, Obi-Wan brings Luke to the super-safe and hidden place of Tatooine. Anakin's home planet. So Luke can be raised by Anakin's stepbrother and step–sister-in-law. How will he ever be found?

    Luke is hidden safety, on his father's home planet, with his father's family — sure

    11. "If all Jafar had to do was possess the lamp to get three wishes, couldn't Aladdin just hand the lamp to Jasmine to get some wishes, like him being a prince again, to follow the law? Then give Aladdin the lamp back to free Genie?"

    12. In Tarzan, if Jane and her family are from London and they teach Tarzan English, why does Tarzan speak with an American accent?

    Tarzan is somehow American and Jane is English

    13. "That High School Musical 2 scene where Chad says he doesn't dance...and does a full choreographed number about it."

    Chad sings, "I don't dance," and then proceeds to dance elaborately in a choreographed dance with a full group

    14. "I've always wondered how it was possible that literally NO OTHER woman in the kingdom had the same shoe size as Cinderella."

    A stepsister tries on the slipper and it's way too small

    15. And finally, this perfect point: "I have always wondered why everyone in the castle called him Beast...they knew him before the curse, so why aren't they using his name? That's just mean."

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