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Easy Home DIYs You Can Do To Impress Your Suegra

Is your mother-in-law heading to your house for the holidays? Try some of these super-easy DIYs courtesy of The Home Depot to ensure you are a worthy host.

The Ultimate Guide For First-Time Holiday Hosts

First-time hosting can be very daunting, but worry not: The Home Depot is here to take the pressure out of the holidays.

DIY-ers, Show Us The Creations You're Most Proud Of

Pick up the essential supplies you need for your next home-improvement project at Home Depot.

Build Your Dream Kitchen And We'll Give You A Dish To Share With Loved Ones

Ready to design your dream kitchen? Check out Home Depot for everything you need to get started on the big remodel.

Stages Of Game Day

Gooooollll! Get your home ready for the festivities with The Home Depot!

15 Items That Are Perfect For Enjoying Soccer This Summer

Soccer has never looked better. At The Home Depot, you can have a good time (even if your team does not).

Decorate Your House And We’ll Guess What Kind Of Friend You Are

Count on us to give you the perfect award. And count on The Home Depot to get all the stuff you need for any house project.

How Much Damage Can Two First Graders Do To This Dining Room?

Watch out: It's about to get messy in here.

Kids Have an Epic Food Fight

A mess is a dish best served epic.

15 Cats Who Disapprove Of Your D.I.Y. Ways

You've worked hard to improve your home this spring. You think it looks great. These cats believe otherwise. (And one even blogs about it.) Fear not: Home Depot has your back. You can still be a DIY hero if you get a little expert help. Your cat will thank you later.

11 Cats With Better Apartments Than Yours

Some cats live outdoors. Some cats live indoors. But the pimping-est cats have outdoor enclosures called --wait for it-- CATIOS. You can order them online or build them from scratch (get it?) if you're so inclined, and Home Depot can help. Either way, cats love catios - even Richard, and he hates everything.

10 Cats Who Think You're Doing It Wrong

As a general rule, cats are sick and tired of humans doing everything wrong. Some even blog about it. But don't freak out. Home Depot is here to help. They can't make you more graceful, or make better decisions, but at least they won't judge you like Richard and his friends.

20 Quirky Cat-Themed ETSY Crafts

It's spring. You're feeling crafty. You're ready to really dig into some DIY projects. Richard the Cat suggests you go to Home Depot for help. Unless you're one of these artists, in which case you should maybe get professional help of a different sort. J/K these things are awesome. (Most of them.)

17 Cats That Definitely Aren't Getting Gifts This Year

Little did you know that cats also need to be on their best behavior if they're expecting any presents at Christmas. Your "Princess Cuteyface" might be well-behaved, but these cats definitely aren't. And especially not this one.

15 Cats That Are Very Disappointed In You

Being judged by humans is hard, but you're never going to regret your actions more than after these cats have heard about them. Fortunately for you, they probably aren't judging you as much as this one is.

17 Cats That Think Christmas Is The Worst

Cats are usually quite apathetic about human traditions, but it seems that Christmas is one they simply have no tolerance for. Here's some of the worst offenders—but they still may not be worse than Richard.

17 Cats That Ruined Christmas

Get off of those presents, cat. You're ruining Christmas. There are plenty of more productive ways to help out humans, though, cats. Try some of these tips, instead.