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The Ultimate Guide For First-Time Holiday Hosts

First-time hosting can be very daunting, but worry not: The Home Depot is here to take the pressure out of the holidays.

First, set the scene with some amazing decor.

Get the ambiance going with some tunes and a light show.

Take your table to the next level...

And make sure you have enough seating.

What's more important during the holidays than feeding your family?

Serve up your polvorones in a cute serving dish.

A festive door mat will make your guests feel welcome.

Think about how great your romeritos will look served up on these beautiful plates.

Jazz up your space with these cute throw pillows.

And we can't forget the most important course: dessert.

Try your hand at a delicious tres leches cake.

And last but certainly not least: Prepare to celebrate with those you love most (and get ready to tear into those presents).

Wanna get your home ready for hosting? Head on over to The Home Depot for everything you need!