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21 Times James McAvoy Was Weird, Hilarious, And Adorable

He's basically a Scottish Jennifer Lawrence.

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1. When he heard Michael Fassbender's childhood nickname and immediately lost his shit.


7. When he gave a unique reply to the question: "Do you watch dailies or wait for the final cut (of a movie)?"

"Never watch dailies. Watching dailies is like looking at pictures of yourself naked and masturbating. Watching dailies is like masturbating in front of a mirror. Like, you're going (moaning sounds). 'Oh yeah, James!'"


9. When he accidentally confessed to being a fan of Strictly Come Dancing in a quick-fire Vanity Fair interview.

10. When he lowered the tone of The Graham Norton Show within the first second (a new record).


James: "Apparently (pineapple) improves the flavour of your sperm." Graham: "We've been on air for a SECOND."


14. And then forgot how to speak altogether.


16. When he had the perfect response to some (pretty graphic) McAvoy-Fassbender fan art.

17. When he turned into a five-year-old kid when describing how much he likes operating the clapperboard on set.

"Ready? Ready? Three, two, one *clap*. I like doing the clap!" I like doing the clap on film sets as well." "Really?" "Yeah."

18. When he was adorably rude to Daniel Radcliffe.

19. ...repeatedly.