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    21 Times James McAvoy Was Weird, Hilarious, And Adorable

    He's basically a Scottish Jennifer Lawrence.

    1. When he heard Michael Fassbender's childhood nickname and immediately lost his shit.

    2. When he gave this hilariously vain reply to a red carpet interviewer.

    3. And this adorably humble one to Graham Norton.

    4. When he was hilariously, unnecessarily smutty while riding a unicycle on The Graham Norton Show.

    5. And then dialled the innuendo up even higher when he met Craig Ferguson.

    6. When he was asked how he and Michael Fassbender developed their on-screen chemistry.

    7. When he gave a unique reply to the question: "Do you watch dailies or wait for the final cut (of a movie)?"

    8. When he randomly decided to give Sir Patrick Stewart a massage during an interview.

    9. When he accidentally confessed to being a fan of Strictly Come Dancing in a quick-fire Vanity Fair interview.

    10. When he lowered the tone of The Graham Norton Show within the first second (a new record).

    11. When he came out with the best reply to the question: "What would your circus act be?"

    12. When he tried (and failed) to guess what "ROFL" meant.

    13. When he forgot his X-Men co-star Lana Condor's name.

    14. And then forgot how to speak altogether.

    15. When he demonstrated what Professor X would sound like with a broad Glaswegian accent.

    16. When he had the perfect response to some (pretty graphic) McAvoy-Fassbender fan art.

    17. When he turned into a five-year-old kid when describing how much he likes operating the clapperboard on set.

    18. When he was adorably rude to Daniel Radcliffe.

    19. ...repeatedly.

    20. When he found out Michael Fassbender had been making cupcakes for other people, and got quite annoyed.

    21. And, of course, when he tickled Jimmy Fallon's tie.

    James, you're a Scottish legend.