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    32 Personalized Things You Should Buy Yourself For No Reason

    Today's a perfect day to spoil yourself!

    1. A bobblehead of yourself to keep on your desk, because who better to inspire you to work harder than YOU!?

    2. A bar bracelet you can personalize with something meaningful, like the coordinates of the street your grew up on, your anniversary, or a quote you love.

    3. Or a similar necklace, in case you type all day at work or school and hate the way bracelets get in your way.

    4. A customized cross stitch featuring a tweet from your favorite celebrity, perfect for making you smile on any given day.

    5. A self-inking stamp with your name and address, so you'll never have to waste time hand writing return addresses on any envelope ever again.

    6. A Game of Thrones key hanger that'll display your "House" name and prevent you from losing your keys... again.

    7. And a customized leather keychain, so you and your S.O. won't get mixed up trying to figure out whose keys are whose.

    8. Toiletries customized for you based on a simple quiz, a super easy way to upgrade your self-care routine.

    9. A birthstone bracelet that includes up to 10 stones, so you can include every important person in your life in one piece of jewelry.

    10. A cozy pullover your roomie won't be able to steal from you because it includes your monogram.

    11. A custom map you'll love because it'll remind you of your favorite place on the planet — whether it's where you went to college, Disneyland, or your childhood home. So sweet.

    12. Stationery that is dripping with flowers to definitely put a ~spring~ in your step.

    13. A custom phone case featuring an illustration of your one true love: your pet! Truly a paw-fect gift to yourself.

    14. A water bottle with your name on it, so you'll finally have the motivation you need to stay hydrated all day.

    15. Or a Starbucks tumbler that can be personalized with your name and Minnie Mouse, to pair flawlessly with your endless supply of iced coffee.

    16. A custom voodoo doll you can use to release any ~bad vibes~ you've been feeling... by cuddling it, of course.

    17. A completely customizable penguin print dress that'll make you feel like you've entered Mary Poppin's magical world.

    18. A quilt made of your most-loved T-shirts, so you can cherish them forever without taking up all the space in your dresser.

    19. A bracelet featuring the handwriting of the person you love most — could be S.O's, your grandma's, Dolly Parton's, whoever!

    20. A cutting board with your last name and anniversary date engraved into it, because there's no reason you can't continue to buy yourself things off your wedding registry that your guests didn't.

    21. A set of shampoo and conditioner, customized with a formula designed just for your hair — you can even choose to name the product, pick a fragrance, and select a specific color!

    22. A badass ring featuring your birth year that you'll want to wear every day because it's just THAT cool.

    23. A sheet of custom stickers, so you can decorate your computer, binder, or water bottle with your pet's face, a fave celeb's, or whatever your heart desires.

    24. A half-moon cross-body bag that can be stamped with your initials for an original and chic detail.

    25. A customizable dad hat, to bring a touch of Disney magic to your style.

    26. Personalized LEGO art, so you can live out your childhood dreams of being transformed into your favorite toy while decorating your bedroom at the same time.

    27. A glamorous bangle you'll get tons of compliments on because you can have anything you want engraved on it.

    28. A hand lettered quote of your choice on a beautiful print that'll look lovely in your bedroom, living room, or even bathroom!

    29. A delicate initial necklace, in case you're the kind of person who prefers simple jewelry you can wear every day.

    30. Or a paw-print replica necklace to remind you of your furry BFF every time you catch a glimpse of it in the mirror.

    31. A journal personalized with your name or an inspirational quote, a must-have for any aspiring writer.

    32. And a squishy cushion–version of your face, because if you love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye you might as well let the world see with help from this pillow.

    Do you deserve to treat yourself to all of the above?

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