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    29 Disney Products That'll Bring Some Magic To Back-To-School Season

    Look at this stuff! Isn't it neat?

    1. Mickey file folders that'll help you keep all those papers that seem super important when you first get them in order until you toss 'em at the end of the school year.

    2. A Toy Story backpack you can personalize with your kiddo's name. They'll love carrying it ~to infinity and beyond~ AKA to and from the bus stop.

    3. A fetching denim jacket you'll love not just because it's covered in Disney dogs (Max! Bolt! Winston!) but for how it'll be there for you on chilly early morning commutes to school.

    4. A calendar featuring stunning Thomas Kinkade art to help you keep track of all your upcoming after-school activities.

    5. A magic carpet lunch bag that'll take your snacking style to ~a whole new world~. The design! The tassels! This bag is lunchtime chic if I've ever seen it.

    6. A set of engraved Disney pencils you definitely won't want to loan the flaky kid in your class who never seems to have a writing utensil.

    7. A Mickey slow cooker and 20 oz dipper that'll become your go-to kitchen gadget as soon as your realize you can use it to cook dinner for you while you work on homework.

    8. A Skull Rock sticky note holder to not-so-subtly show off the fact you'd rather be in Never Land.

    9. Or gel pens with erasable ink you ~donut~ want to leave off your school supply shopping list!

    10. A Nightmare Before Christmas backpack that'll have people asking you "what's this!?" Feel free to let them know it's just the most spooktacular backpack ever.

    11. Or a set of Disney Parks–inspired stickers you can add to your favorite notebook or onto your computer — they'll definitely give your crush a reason to start up a conversation with you.

    12. Tsum Tsum gel crayons featuring delicious scents like blueberry, rainbow sherbet, and cotton candy to bring a touch of magic to every craft you create this year.

    13. A laptop sleeve to protect your computer while also making it seem like you're carrying around Carl and Ellie's famous Adventure Book as seen in UP. Try not to get teary-eyed, OK?

    14. A Lion King VHS tape notebook that'll make you chuckle while you hurry to write down the quadratic formula your math teacher is always rambling on about.

    15. An Ariel vinyl decal you can place on your computer then point it out to people and say "isn't this neat?!"

    16. A lil' Minnie Mouse magnet for your locker so you can be inspired by her rockin' dots every morning.

    17. A Pizza Planet rechargeable battery bank you'll be ~forever grateful~ for when your phone dies before your 45-minute bus ride home.

    18. A Mickey Mouse chalkboard so you can set your inner–Pinterest Mom free and pose your tykes in front of it for the rest of their elementary school career.

    19. Ziploc containers featuring Queen Elsa that'll help convince your picky eater to actually eat the healthy snack you pack them. Psh — and they thought you'd just ~let it go~ and give 'em chocolate.

    20. A zippered pencil case you'll ~lava~ as much as you did the original Pixar short — not to mention it'll help you keep your backpack or tote more organized.

    21. Beats wireless headphones created in honor of Mickey's 90th, a must-have for anyone who loves to jam out to their perfectly curated Disney playlist while walking to class.

    22. A Disney Princess backpack fit for royalty, so adorable you might just find yourself wanting to "borrow" it from your kiddo.

    23. Or a Lion King backpack, in case your little cub would rather be ~working on their roar~ than sporting glass slippers. To each their own, amiright?

    24. A tiny stapler covered in Mickey icons you can reach for in an attempt to keep your papers (and yourself) together this semester.

    25. Or a Moleskin notebook with BFFs Woody and Buzz on the cover that'll have you singing "You've Got A Friend In Me" while you walk the halls.

    26. A Stitch pen and pencil holder you'll want to welcome into your Ohana immediately. Just think of how nice it'll be to have him keeping you company while you work on research papers!

    27. A stainless steel Tervis to show the world you're a proud member of the Mickey Mouse Club even when you're racing late into a classroom.

    28. A Little Mermaid varsity jacket that'll really help your little one make a stylish ~splash~ this school year.

    29. And fresh Disney kicks, because the only way to truly prepare for a new year of school is with new sneakers!

    What are you waiting for?! Time to start shopping!

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