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    38 Unique Shirts To Get For Your Next Disney Trip

    A trip the Happiest Place on Earth wouldn't be complete without a photo-ready outfit✨

    Everyone knows a trip for Disney calls for a TON of pics, so what's a Mouseketeer to do if their wardrobe isn't Insta-ready?

    Don't fret — just sprinkle your suitcase with pixie dust and treat yourself to one of these ~magical~ T-shirts:

    1. Ariana Grande–inspired Disney shirts that'll have you singing "I want it, I got it," as you enter your credit card info.

    2. A relatable shirt you can put on the second you leave the office and mentally check into your Disney trip.

    3. A casual tee to rock when you're feeling particularly homesick for your favorite theme park.

    4. Or a Belle's Book Shop shirt, a must-have for any bookworm who grew up idolizing the character who wanted "adventure in the great wide somewhere."

    5. A dazzling Minnie Mouse tee that'll pair nicely with a denim jacket and leggings during trips in the fall or winter.

    6. An embroidered Mickey T-shirt that features every variation of your favorite mouse and will get you a ton of compliments while you wait on line for "It's a Small World."

    7. A shirt with Cinderella's important "have courage and be kind" message, so you can see who really knows their Disney facts.

    8. Matching shirts for the Woody to your Buzz you'll want to wear ~to infinity and beyond~.

    9. A T-shirt that reimagines Prince Eric on the cover of a fake magazine, an absolute need for any '90s kid who has been swooning over him for years.

    10. Or a shirt that shows what the fabulous Disney Villains would look like if they were to ever grace the cover of Vogue.

    11. A shirt to pay tribute to Ray and Evangeline's underrated love story each time you wear it.

    12. A Fairy Godmother–approved tee with Cinderella's classic pumpkin on it, so chic you'll want to wear it even when you're not visiting WDW.

    13. A Dumbo tie-front top you can wear to watch the live action version in theaters or as you take to the skies on the classic ride.

    14. A Walt-inspired shirt that'll make you want to ~break it down~ the next time you walk down Main Street U.S.A.

    15. A Beauty and the Beast shirt complete with Lumiere, Cogsworth, and the rest of the enchanted gang that you'll want to wear until the end of time.

    16. A lightweight jersey, perfect for keeping cool while trekking from ride to ride in the sun and letting all other park-goers know you are the biggest Coco fan EVER.

    17. A tee with the iconic monorail safety warning on it, for the truest of Walt Disney World fanatics.

    18. A Haunted Mansion tee you'll want to ~hurry back~ and buy an extra of for your go-to ride companion.

    19. A fun Mickey T-shirt that certainly won't be a one hit wonder in your wardrobe rotation (my apologies to the fantastic song).

    20. Hercules-inspired shirts to prove your #DisneyStyle can ~go the distance~.

    21. A pocket tee featuring the Luxo Ball that any Pixar fan will appreciate adding to their collection.

    22. A funny T-shirt featuring Moana's Hei Hei, because who wouldn't want to wear this awkward rooster around WDW?

    23. A shirt with a Jiminy Cricket quote that may just bring you to tears because it'll remind you of the beloved (but no longer) "Wishes" fireworks show.

    24. Or a gorgeous floral, embroidered T-shirt starring Cinderella Castle to wear while viewing the new "Happily Ever After" fireworks for the first time.

    25. A spooky Hocus Pocus shirt, because it doesn't have to be Halloween to remind Disney fans not to mess with the Sanderson sisters.

    26. A T-shirt with all the essentials for a magical Disney day, so you won't have to worry about choosing between all your favorites.

    27. A tie-dye shirt featuring Ariel's sidekick, Flounder, to prove once and for all you are NOT a guppy (even if you don't want to go on Tower of Terror).

    28. Speaking of rides, this T-shirt will definitely bring a smile to the face of anyone who puts Space Mountain at the top of their FastPass list.

    29. An eye catching Coco-inspired shirt that'll scream "remember me!" every time you pull it out of your closet.

    30. Tarzan and Jane tees, for the couple who wants to show off their ~wild~ side during their next vacay.

    31. A badass Princess Leia T-shirt you'll want to wear while you count down the days to the opening of Star Wars Land.

    32. A pretty pastel shirt that'll do a great job representing Toy Story's Rex and your anxious tendencies all in one. You're welcome!

    33. A Powerline band T-shirt to make it seem like you saw them with Max on the Stand Out World Tour back in '95.

    34. A Mulan tee inspired by the iconic Donny Osmond song you'll likely have in your head for the rest of eternity.

    35. A T-shirt that can let everyone you're traveling with know exactly what you want out of this vacation.

    36. A chic Mickey tee for any fashionista to take fabulous Instagram pics in whether they're planning to pose in front of the Purple Wall or with The Mouse himself.

    37. A T-shirt to remind you that it only takes a little ~faith, trust, and pixie dust~ to create the perfect Disney outfit.

    38. And shirt for the Disney pessimist that'll definitely elicit giggles from other guests in the Magic Kingdom (but maybe not your family).

    You, showing off your ~look~ as you head off on your Disney vacation:

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