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    33 Disney Toys That'll Make Both You *And* Your Kiddo Smile

    🎶A dream is a wish your heart makes, when your kids are fast asleep and you can play with all of their toys🎶

    Can you honestly say you haven't considered playing with your kids toys while they aren't around?

    1. A Disney Princess coffee maker play set, for the kiddo that wants to be just like you and pretend to be caffeinated at all times.

    2. A Slinky Dog toy that'll double as a cuddly companion and a playmate, possibly for you and your child.

    3. Tiny cars your little one will love zooming around the house and you'll probs find yourself pushing back and forth while on the phone with your mother-in-law.

    4. An activity tracker to get your kiddo's Spidey senses tingling and remind them to finish doing their homework.

    5. A Death Star LEGO kit for the ultimate bonding experience between Star Wars fans of all ages.

    6. A stamp and colored pencil set featuring iconic Disney Princesses you can use to keep your kiddo busy or hoard yourself to personalize notes for their lunch box.

    7. A DIY Mickey Mouse plush kit for the future fashion designer or prop master in your family.

    8. Or a musical Mickey that'll play "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" when he's cuddled.

    9. A Frozen boombox with a built-in microphone, so you and your tyke can belt out "Let It Go" for all your neighbors to hear.

    10. A cupcake party game featuring the Disney Princesses that'll inspire you and your kiddo to make up your own dessert recipes.

    11. A bank shaped like Hamm from Toy Story to keep your kid's money safe (and for you to break into when you need change for parking).

    12. A Tangled frying pan that makes sizzling sounds that'll be a welcomed addition to your kids' play kitchen and a great way to convince your S.O. you're cooking dinner not ordering take out... again.

    13. A Snow White play set your tykes can pair with one of their doll houses or you can use to decorate their birthday cake.

    14. A Funko Pop of everyone's favorite Silly Old Bear, perfect for your little one to tote around or to use as decor in your office.

    15. A recreation of Yoda's lightsaber (or two), so you and your jedi-in-training can have a duel before bedtime. Fun you will have.

    16. Or an inventor kit that'll help you create the ~droid you're looking for~.

    17. Dough that smells like Walt Disney World, so you can bring the magic of the Parks to play time at home.

    18. Disney Princess nail polishes you can use for a fabulous at-home spa day with your little one (good luck convincing them to do your toes for ya').

    19. Nightmare Before Christmas Monopoly that'll give your kids a fair reason to endlessly ask "What's this?"

    20. Or Disney Princess Candy Land, in case you're looking for a game that's a little more colorful and cheery.

    21. A big bucket of Little Green Men you'll find yourself ~clawing~ to play with even when your kiddo is at school.

    22. A canvas paint set that your little mermaid will quickly make ~part of their world~.

    23. And Little Mermaid bath toys to keep your kiddo company while you scrub all that paint off their skin.

    24. A Pixar pop-up book that'll have you and your tykes squealing with delight as you turn the pages to reveal magical surprises from your favorite flicks.

    25. A motorized horse-drawn carriage to secure your nomination for Parent of the Year.

    26. A Coco-inspired guitar, for the ultimate "Remember Me" family jam sesh.

    27. The Game of Life: Haunted Mansion edition you'll find you and your family will ~hurry back~ to time and time again.

    28. An electronic reader paired with eight Disney Princess stories, so you can take a night off from reading your kiddo the same book over and over (and OVER).

    29. Or a Tangled-inspired puzzle with 750 pieces that'll at last have your kids seeing the light when it comes to sitting down for a fun activity.

    30. Spider-Man web shooter gloves you're going to want multiple pairs of so you and your tyke can have intense indoor dart battles.

    31. A 3D model kit of Disneyland's Main Street Station that'll transport you and your family from your living room and into the Park.

    32. Ralph Breaks the Internet tsum tsum your little one can cuddle while watching the movie if you haven't already stolen them to use as bookshelf-decor.

    33. And an epic LEGO version of Cinderella Castle complete with 4,080 pieces you'll definitely be constructing when your teen has an SAT prep course.

    Your kids, after discovering you've been hanging out with their toys while they were taking a nap:

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