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    21 Candles That ~Light Up~ The Life Of The BuzzFeed Shopping Team

    ...and one awesome lighter you'll probably want to go with 'em.

    1. Evil Queen's candles will literally become the *light of your life* thanks to their sassy labels and delicious scents.

    2. A hand-poured soy candle from Southern Elegance Candle Co. inspired by the city of Charleston so you can close your eyes and take a quick mental vacay without leaving your couch.

    BuzzFeed Shopping editor's picture of the candle on a table

    3. A WoodWick candle to bring the crackling, soothing sounds of an actual fire into your life in case you (like me) live in an apartment that simply isn't conducive to a fireplace.

    a green tall woodwick candle in front of a fireplace

    4. Boy Smells candles, a must-have for anyone who looking for a more musky scent everyone in their household will enjoy.

    5. A homemade candle from AcScented Air on Etsy that'll burn for 60 hours and keep you company while binge-watching the entire series of Schitt's Creek.

    three glass candles in purple, blue, and green

    6. Pet House candles, a must-have for anyone who owns a dog who loves nothing more than long walks in the rain (resulting in a wet dog scent that tends to linger in your home for far too long).

    7. Otherland candles, whose scents are as fantastic as the designs of their jars — you'll likely find yourself hoarding them because they're so beautiful (guilty).

    8. Bath and Body Works' aromatherapy line to fill your home with serene scents that'll help you unwind at the end of a long day.

    9. Or their iconic three-wick candles, with a cult-following that has shoppers racing into stores and the website anytime there's a sale.

    10. A stunning crystal candle made by The Astral Boutique infused with glitter, lavender buds, and blue cornflowers, a must-have for anyone looking to take their *mystical vibes* to the next level.

    a purple candle with an amethyst crystal stone in it

    11. A west coast-scented candle from P.F. Candle Co. to light up on days you'd rather be cruising along the coast instead of clicking through work emails.

    a brown glass candle

    12. A lavender and rosemary-scented candle made by Cadence Candle Co., complete with a complementary curated playlist (scan the QR code on the packaging!) that'll really take your me-time to the next level.

    a white glass candle with the words "cadence candle co." on it and three lines that note the scent and the burn time

    13. A Vellabox candle subscription you can count on to deliver natural candles to your doorstep featuring irresistible scents you'll probably hope last forever.

    14. A Voluspa candle in a gorgeous jar you can count on to make your home smell divine while also adding a pretty piece of decor to the room.

    a tall glass candle jar with an intricate design on it

    15. A crystal energy-infused candle from Chiji to add some positive feelings (and delicious scents) into your workspace, bedroom, bathroom, or wherever you're happiest hangin' out.

    16. A customizable or pre-made motivational candle from Shanti Creations that'll flow perfectly with your carefully curated home decor.

    17. Hudson Naturals' Fresh Fog because the name of the scent alone sounds like it’ll wrap you up in a plush throw blanket and direct you to the couch to have the coziest movie marathon of your life.

    a dark brown glass jar candle

    18. A lavender and Earl Grey Paddywax candle that'll remind you of snuggling up with a warm cup of tea on a cold winter day.

    19. Prosperity Candle's Happiness Island because the name of the scent alone sounds like it'll bring a smile to your face and fill your home with joy — which we could all use an extra dosage of these days, right?

    six glass candles with a white and gold label

    20. A magical candle from Wishes Candle Co. complete with a surprise enamel pin inside you can add to your ever-growing Disney collection.

    a buzzfeed editor holding a glass candle with purple wax and "regions beyond" written on it

    21. Votivo's Red Currant candle, a must-have for anyone who wants their living room to smell like Christmas but isn't into evergreen trees.

    a tan box with silver metal edging and a red label in the middle next to a glass candle

    22. And a rechargeable lighter, which I know is *not* a candle but you'll need it to light every candle in your house and create the *perfect* ambience without concern you'll run out of lighter fluid.

    Actual footage of me in my apartment trying to decide which candle to light next:

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