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    25 Products For Beginner Cooks Who Are TRYING, OKAY?

    If your motto is "fry, burn, and try again," this post is for you.

    1. A set of magnetic measuring spoons and leveler that'll stack like magic when not in use, and give you super precise measurements so you don't over do it with the vinegar and ruin the coleslaw again 😬.

    2. A set of six colorful knives reviewers swear by to ensure you don't cut broccoli with the raw meat knife. These babes are under $20, and they mean business!

    3. And a pair of cut-resistant-gloves so you can ~sharpen~ up those knife skills or use a mandolin slicer without fear of cutting your fingers!

    4. A powerful hand-held vegetable chopper for anyone who is done shedding tears from dicing onions — or not knowing how to dice one at all. Just throw that bad boy in here and chop!

    5. A set of magnetic spice containers designed to keep all your spices in view, because remembering the spices of life and seasoning adequately is step one to making a tasty meal.

    6. A three-piece non-stick cookware set for anyone who is ready to graduate from microwaving to stovetop cooking, but not yet ready to cook with stainless steel.

    7. And a set of five durable bamboo kitchen utensils that are safe for non-stick cookware, easy to grip, and cute as heck!

    8. BPA-free stacking liquid measuring cups featuring an angled pour spout to avoid drips and keep your measurements in view as you fill these babes up!

    9. A microwave pasta cooker so you can take the mess and wait-time out of boiling pasta on the stove, and enjoy an easy-peasy spaghetti dinner in just a few minutes.

    10. A cookbook that'll teach you the very basics and break down things that aren't obvious to beginner chefs, yet is still full of helpful tips and suggestions for how to experiment with each dish. Experimenting is the best part of cooking IMO, and creativity isn't just for the pros.

    11. A rapid egg cooker ready to make perfectly cooked hard-, soft-, and medium-boiled eggs. It also poaches eggs and makes omelettes!

    12. And a stackable egg cracking set so you can elevate your soft-boiled egg even more with a perfect cut — who wouldn't be impressed?

    13. A six-in-one food chopper knife with a non-slip grip handle that's basically like the Swiss Army knife of kitchen gadgets. It will snip herbs, cut through bone, scale fish, peel veggies, open bottles, and more!

    14. A non-slip stainless steel (durable) mixing bowl with a built-in-grater every cook seriously needs in their life. You can grate cheese or slice ginger right into your marinades.

    15. A microwave bacon cooker beginner and advanced chefs alike swear by, for perfectly-cooked bacon in 60 seconds.

    16. A 6-quart non-stick Crock Pot so you can master easy dump dinners (dump everything into this babe and it basically cooks itself!), and have a warm meal waiting for you every day of the week.

    17. A set of three super flexible cutting boards that'll make slicing and dicing easy, and funneling fruits/veggies into your dish even easier than the chopping!

    18. A splatter guard to keep messes out of that vicious crevice between the counter and stove — messes happen to the best of us, so sometimes a little damage control is necessary 👌🏽.

    19. A cooking oil spritzer so you can spray down baking pans with your own choice of oil, make sure your sheet pan dinner doesn't stick, and kiss those over-priced cooking sprays goodbye!

    20. A set of two tongs designed to stay put in your hand, and hold onto whatever food you're grabbing. Dropped pork chop on the kitchen floor? Never heard of her in my life.

    21. A cooking apron with conversions, cooking tips, roasting times, and other helpful cooking basics printed right on the waist. You'll be protected from messes and prepared to cook it all.

    22. A tofu press that is here to take sad, soggy tofu stir fry to crispy 👏 perfectly browned 👏 perfection. This babe drains all the water out of firm/extra firm tofu in a few minutes so it's ready to go right into the pan or in a tofu marinade!

    23. A super easy-to-use breakfast sandwich maker so you can have fresh, hot egg sandwiches every morning in five minutes. You're welcome!

    24. A set of three glass containers with lids that'll help you show off what a delicious lunch you made yourself at the office, or be there for you when things go awry and it's cereal for dinner again.

    25. And a burger press that'll bring perfectly-formed patties into your life without even touching the raw beef (with the plastic wrap method described in the review below)!

    You grilling up the perfect burger for your haters:

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