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    21 Essential Products For Anyone Who's A Beginner In The Kitchen

    Time to make cooking a little easier.

    1. A 5-piece multi-function tools— like a spoon with measuring marks — that'll help you conquer cooking your first meal like a pro!

    2. An all-in-one kitchen tool including a funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator, and measuring cup — to make pouring, mixing, and measuring much easier.

    3. A 6-piece knife set with protective covers that's perfect for beginners to give you a professional, sharp chop every time.

    4. A non-stick spatula to flip pancakes like a pro! Because if you're just learning to cook, you may not know that regular spatulas can burn while cooking — plus non-stick spatulas will be easier to clean.

    5. A stainless steel whistling kettle with a stay-cool wood handle to make heating up water safe and simple.

    6. A collapsible silicone colander that'll make draining food effortless for beginners while not taking up too much space in your cabinet.

    7. A liquid measuring cup with a grip handle to make pouring a little less messy and keep it under control. Plus it's angled and allows you to read the measurements with accuracy, so you won't get confused on your first recipe!

    8. A classic 12" cast iron skillet that'll cook your food evenly through so you won't have to worry about if you're food is completely cooked.

    9. A 2-piece whisk set — they'll be easier to use than a spoon and can make whipping up eggs or batter a piece of cake — no matter the size of the bowl.

    10. A 2-piece oven grip and splatter lid set that'll work double time as a food cover and an oven mitt — perfect for beginners who don't have either in their kitchen.

    11. A palm peeler for easily peeling fruits and vegetables in the comfort of your hand — because peeling can be the hardest and most dangerous part of the recipe!

    12. A non-stick ceramic frying pan — a necessity for newbies in the kitchen because it'll make cooking easy, while not overcooking your food.

    13. A colorful glass container set with protective airtight lids to keep your leftovers fresh.

    14. An index cutting board set for newbies who are unaware about cross-contamination between raw meat, vegetables, fish, and cooked food — and it's also great for anyone who likes being organized.

    15. Stainless steel measuring spoons for precise measuring so making your first dish will be a success!

    16. A 2-piece tong set to make flipping your meat on the stove or grill so much easier.

    17. A non-stick cookie pan set for making cookies without burning them — unless you lose track of time while they're in the oven!

    18. Stainless steel mesh strainers to simply sift through small things like spices and rinse off larger things like dried beans.

    19. A multipurpose saucepan that's scratch-resistant and durable, making cooking your very first meal almost effortless — and with an easy cleanup!

    20. A 2-in-1 master opener that'll safely and simply open cans and bottles for those who don't know how or struggle with traditional can openers.

    21. A salad spinner to make tossing a salad thoroughly so much faster and smoother.

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