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    27 Inexpensive Basic Essentials To Build A Better Wardrobe

    Because building a wardrobe you love starts with the basics.

    1. A high-waisted flare skirt (with pockets!) that'll quickly become a wardrobe staple. Pair this with your favorite shirts and boom, outfit complete!

    a reviewer wearing the skirt in green with heels and a striped shirt

    2. A pair of mid-length cropped chinos to keep it profesh without going over budget!

    a model wearing the pants in darkest hour color

    3. A duo of comfy tees that are soft, thick, and tailored juuust right for an ideal fit — reviewers swear by it for wearing on its own or using it as a layering piece.

    4. A stretchy scallop-detailed dress you'll want to wear as-is to show off the lovely detail, or pair it with a blazer or cardigan for the perfect OOTD.

    5. A pair of fleece joggers with deep pockets reviewers say are just as good (if not better) than name brand 👀, so you can lounge the day away for less!

    a customer review photo of the fleece-lined pants in black

    6. A sleek blazer to easily make your shirt and jeans days more profesh.

    a reviewer wearing the blazer in white

    7. A pair of lacy boy brief underwear, because the right outfit absolutely starts with a comfy pair of undies.

    the lacy underwear in red with high waisted styling

    8. A two-pack of fleece-lined leggings to wear with comfy sweaters and long shirts. I just bought these to wear under my jeans on hikes and they are keeping me nice and warm!

    9. A pair of classic mom jeans that may never go out of style, and they are everything a good pair of jeans should be — lightweight, stretchy, and comfy as heck.

    a model wearing the mom jeans in cool classic wash

    10. A chambray shirt with enough length to wear with skirts, pants, leggings, shorts, and more! This gem goes nicely with just about everything.

    a reviewer wearing the chambray shirt in blue

    11. A pair of stretchy joggers for anyone who likes a skinny look. I used to own these in white (before they got destroyed by mold 😭) and they were one of my fave pair of pants of all time. The fit is tailored but not too tight!

    12. A pair of booties to give your outfit a little ~boost~ and ensure your feet are as stylish as the rest of your look.

    the brown booties with a chunky heel

    13. A slouchy but elegant T-shirt as versatile as it is comfortable. If you like your shirts with some drape, this is the one for you!

    14. A vintage-inspired black dress that'll ensure you'll always have the perfect outfit for first impressions in professional settings.

    a reviewer wearing the black dress with heels

    15. And a petticoat to take all your dresses to the next level of flare!

    a model wearing the petticoat in black

    16. A lightweight bomber jacket with plenty of pockets and tailored sleeves for a casual but put-together look.

    17. A pair of midrise jeans designed to fit your curves perfectly, so you can add a staple to your wardrobe without paying Madewell prices.

    the light wash mid-rise pants

    18. A vintage-style white T-shirt that's basically made to go with your favorite pair of jeans. Reviewers say they like to pair these with leggings as well!

    a model wearing the white shirt with jeans

    19. A printed button-up that's soft, stylish, and not too tight around the chest or arms. Idk about y'all but I'm sold!

    20. A breathable dress pretty much guaranteed to make it rain compliments, plus it comes in tons of colors and has pockets.

    reviewer wears short sleeve black maxi dress and puts hands in pockets

    21. A denim jacket you'll want to wear with everything for that ideal number-of-threes layer!

    22. A pair of slim AirFlex jeans I personally swear by. They are lightweight, stretchy, stylish, and hold up after many, many washes (I really put my jeans through the wringer).

    a model wearing the pants with a red sweater

    23. A fuzzy faux shearling hoodie for anyone in such of the coziest outer layer to compliment their looks.

    a model wearing the hoodie in light pink

    24. A pair of pumps who will be there for you when you need to ~lift~ your look from casual to dressy.

    25. A funnel neck top ideal for early morning jogs and yoga sessions, or to stay comfy around the house.

    a model wearing the top in gray

    26. A pair of comfy microfiber tights that'll keep your legs warm so you can wear skirts and dresses even when it's chilly outside.

    a model wearing the black tights

    27. A cozy turtleneck to help you layer your way through the winter and into spring. Reviewers with long arms in particular swear by it, rejoice!

    You after upgrading your wardrobe basics:

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