Retail Workers Shared What They Wish Customers Would Stop Doing During COVID — And Wow, Did They Have Some Things To Say

    "I recently quit working in retail after 15 years because COVID is bringing out the WORST in people."

    Despite surging COVID-19 cases, many retailers in the country remain open — meaning there are a whole lot of people still working retail in a pandemic.

    people walking around a mall

    If you've ever worked retail, you know how hard it is — I can't even imagine dealing with customers in a pandemic. So we asked retail workers from the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they wish customers would STOP doing immediately. Here are their responses!

    1. Licking money(???), among other things:

    2. Ignoring the plexiglass dividers in between the customer and cashier:

    3. Pulling their mask down to sneeze or cough:

    4. Making the cashier touch the pinpad so they don't have to:

    5. Or refusing to take change when they just made the cashier take their cash:

    6. Wearing their mask under their nose:

    7. Or worse, not even wearing a mask at all:

    8. Especially because they were just "hoping the store wasn't enforcing that rule":

    9. Taking off their mask to talk to an employee, try on clothes, or look at shirts????:

    10. Or to eat or drink:

    11. Touching items they have no intention of purchasing:

    12. Getting frustrated items are out of stock, then asking if the store is going out of business:

    13. Trying to enter the store when there's clearly a line or a sign indicating to wait outside:

    14. Pulling their mask down to use Face ID for Apple Pay instead of just putting in their passcode:

    15. Trying to test cosmetics products or smell perfumes:

    16. Wearing a neck gaiter or bandana instead of a mask:

    17. Trying to use the clearly closed fitting rooms:

    18. Or just trying stuff on in the middle of the store, EVEN IF IT MEANS STRIPPING:

    19. Ranting to the employees about people not following CDC guidelines:

    20. Bringing kids into the store and letting them roam free:

    21. Or worse, bringing the whole family as an outing:

    22. Leaving their masks in the parking lot:

    23. Asking the employees questions they have no way of knowing the answer to, such as "when can we stop wearing masks?":

    24. Lying about being exempt from wearing a mask:

    25. Getting mad at employees for COVID rules they have no control over

    26. Or asking for exceptions:

    27. Complaining about having to wear a mask for a few minutes, then asking how you do it:

    28. Taking their masks off to smell something like a candle:

    29. Shoving your phone in people's faces to ask about a product:

    30. Trying to return masks, or items that have a no-return policy:

    31. Getting frustrated that lines aren't moving faster because the counters need to be cleaned between customers:

    32. Coming into the store if you've been sick or exposed:

    33. Getting super close to employee for no reason:

    34. Not following social distancing markers in line:

    35. Showing up just to buy non-essential items, especially just one thing:

    36. Coming to the store just as something to do:

    37. And finally, just being difficult and arguing:

    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.