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Aug 2017
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    alyssac4edc4246d commented on Retail Workers — Tell Us What You're Absolutely Sick Of People Doing During COVID-19

    I’ve had customers pull their mask down to sneeze into the open air and without covering anything. Guests get mad that I sanitize my hands, the pin-pad, register area, and protective barrier after I ring them up. One lady started to berate and yell at me because I acted like she was… 

    8 months ago

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    alyssac4edc4246d commented on Tell Us About Your Abortion Experience

    I was 17 and just graduated high school. Two months prior was prom and I went to an after party. I had never partied or drank before so I didn’t notice when a guy from a different high school slipped something into my drink. That night he got me alone by pretending to take me home… 

    2 years ago

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