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Retail Workers — Tell Us What You're Absolutely Sick Of People Doing During COVID-19

No, the customer is NOT always right.

Coronavirus cases are still surging around the world, but many businesses remain open — including shopping malls.

a crowded shopping mall

A lot of people have been required to work retail during this pandemic — a job that comes with its fair share of frustrations even WITHOUT a global pandemic.

Retail workers — what are customers doing in the COVID age that you just really, really wish they would stop?

Are people refusing to wear face masks, or wearing them under their noses — and then yelling at you if you politely ask them to put one on?

a sign outside a mall that says "masks are required"

Are they touching and trying on a ton of items in the store, then not even buying any of them?

a woman shopping at a clothing store and picking up a skirt

Are they showing up to buy stuff they easily could've bought online, then complaining about how long it takes to get into the store?

a person buying something at a home goods store

Do they ignore protective barriers or reach around them to grab something?

a person at the checkout, where there is a protective shield

Whatever you would like customers to STOP doing in the COVID-19 era, let us know in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community article!