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21 Times Teen Shows Referenced (Or Low-Key Shaded) Another Teen Show

"She's so two-dimensional, she's practically a character in Glee."

Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite times teen shows referenced other teen shows. Here are some of their responses!

Note: Not all submissions were from Community users.

1. When Blair dissed Rory from Gilmore Girls on Gossip Girl:

Roman says they heard her watching Gilmore Girls all night again, and Blair says she's a better fit for Yale than Rory
The CW

2. When Camille practiced for a Degrassi audition on Big Time Rush:

Camille slaps Kendall, saying "How could you? With my mom in the hospital and my huge fight with my best friend and my zit?" The boys reply "Degrassi audition?" and Camille says "wish me luck!"

3. When Lorelai shaded Rory's love of Saved by the Bell on Gilmore Girls:

Rory says it was too humiliating, and Lorelai tells her that Rory once said she loved "Saved by the Bell," and asks what could be more humiliating than that
The WB

4. When Nathan's kidnapper made a very accurate reference to Chuck from Gossip Girl on One Tree Hill, which was kind of funny considering they were on the same network.

Dmitri says "Are you Chuck? On the 'Gossip Girl?' No means no"
The CW

5. When Jane suggested they "Glee" Dan's book up a bit on Gossip Girl, which honestly, I would've loved to see (musical episode, anyone?):

Jane says "Another thought that occurred to me was to 'Glee' this up. You know, music. Originals or covers" and Dan replies 'Okay stop, what's going on"
The CW

6. When Shane dissed Lauren and Glee in equal measure on Faking It:

Shane says "She's so two-dimensional, she's practically a character on Glee"

7. When Gilmore Girls paid homage to an iconic moment from The O.C.:

Zach says "Welcome to the SH, bitch!" to Lane's uncle on Gilmore Girls, and Luke says "Welcome to the OC, bitch!" on The OC
The WB / Fox

8. When Caroline called Rebekah Buffy the vampire (an obvious reference to Buffy the Vampire Slayer) on The Vampire Diaries:

Caroline says to Alaric, "I hear you had a run-in with Buffy the Vampire"
The CW

9. And when Damon made a similar reference, calling Elena Buffy as she trained to fight vampires:

Damon pushes Elena's weights down. She asks what he's doing, and he says he's helping her, then says "Come on, Buffy"
The CW

10. When Gilmore Girls referenced Chad Michael Murray's role on One Tree Hill when he gave the reason for his character leaving:

Tristan tells Rory "The police are letting our parents handle it, and in my case, that means military school in North Carolina" and then there's a photo of Chad Michael Murray in One Tree Hill, which takes place in North Carolina
The WB/ Courtesy: Everett Collection

11. And when it did the same thing with Adam Brody, who left to star on The O.C.:

Rory asks Lane how Dave is, and she says he left for college in California — then there's a photo of Adam Brody on The OC, which takes place in California
The WB / Fox

12. When Greek made this wonderful Gossip Girl reference that I now plan to use at a future fancy party:

Cappie says "Good lord! It's like we died and went to 'Gossip Girl!'"
ABC Family

13. When Spike was watching Dawson's Creek on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and had some opinions:

Watching TV, Spike says, "Oh Pacey, you blind idiot. Can't you see she doesn't love you?"
The WB

14. When Buffy referenced the other classic teen drama of the time, Dawson's Creek, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Buffy asks, "Are you just gonna come here and go all Dawson on me every time I have a boyfriend?"

15. When Haley imitated Joey from Dawson's Creek on One Tree Hill:

Pushing her hair back and moving her mouth to the side, Haley says "I'm sorry Dawson, I just...I love Pacey"
The CW

16. When Cappie asked a valid question about Gilmore Girls on Greek:

Cappie says, "This is ridiculous. Can we be mature and just say what we're all thinking? How the hell could they cancel 'Gilmore Girls'?"
ABC Family

17. When Ashleigh called Casey an iconic Dawson's Creek character after she couldn't choose between two guys on Greek:

Ashleigh says "Paging Dr. Grey!" and Casey says "Ash!" Then Ashleigh says "No, wait, you are more like Joey Potter"
ABC Family

18. When Brittany expressed her love for One Tree Hill on Glee:

Brittany says, "I don't want to die yet. At least not until 'One Tree Hill' gets cancelled"

19. When Blair Waldorf, queen bee extraordinaire, proved she had seen the teeny bopper hit Hannah Montana:

Blair says "Too 'Hannah Montana'" of Jenny's outfit
The CW


20. When Scream made some good points about A from Pretty Little Liars:

Noah talks about how Pretty Little Liars is full of bloody clues and unrealistic icons, asking where A got the four victorian dolls that looked like the main characters, and Audrey says the "Evil American Girl Doll store?"

21. When Awkward. made this reference to Glee and also used a Blair Witch Project play on words that was also the name of an episode of Gossip Girl.

Theo and Cole say "It's like someone threw up the cast of 'Glee' on our bleachers" and Tamera says "Okay, enough! I didn't recruit you guys to film the Blair Bitch Project"

Got any more for us? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.