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What's Your Favorite Teen Show Reference In Another Teen Show?

Has Damon Salvatore watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch??

Hi, I'm Hannah, and I love teen dramas!

The CW

I especially love when teen dramas reference each other, because a) it's cute, and b) it suggests that the characters have seen other teen dramas, which brings up a whole slew of implications.


If they've seen teen dramas, how do they not get that their lives are literally teen dramas?? Also, a lot of actors are in multiple teen dramas — do the characters notice that their friends are on some of the teen dramas they watch?

For example, I love when Haley references Dawson's Creek on One Tree Hill, both because it pays homage to the Dawson Creek's influence on One Tree Hill AND because Chad Michael Murray also appeared on both shows.

Haley says, "Not that I was, like, looking for something specifically, which implies some hideous sort of Joey-loves-Dawson scenario"
The CW

Haley must've noticed that the character Charlie on Dawson's Creek looked an awful lot like her best friend, right?

I also love when Spencer refers to Sara as the new "Big Bad" on Pretty Little Liars, because I love any and all references to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The influence!!

Spencer tells Toby, "Maybe we can use it to prove that she's our new Big Bad."

"Big Bad" was how the characters on Buffy often referred to the big villain of the season.

I also think it's cute when Damon calls Bonnie "the teenage witch" in The Vampire Diaries. I like to think that Bonnie took some inspiration from Sabrina.

Damon tells Vaughn "If all you're worried about is Bonnie the teenage witch, then why'd you save Jeremy and Elena yesterday?"
The CW

Also, I find it hilarious to think that Damon watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Sometimes the references happen because the show is a spinoff of another show or exists in the same universe — I loved when The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina referenced Riverdale because it's just so wacky to me that those shows exist only towns apart.

Ambrose says, "Close, but no. Riverdale, where he was murdered"
The CW

These references are especially complicated because at one point, Sabrina has an Archie Comics thermos, which suggests that both the Archie Comics and the actual real-life versions of the characters exist.

So, what's YOUR favorite teen drama reference in another teen drama? Let us know in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community article!