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    23 Movie Scenes So Satisfying, I Remember People Literally Cheering At Them In The Movie Theater

    "In case I don't see ya...good afternoon, good evening, and good night."

    A bit ago, I rounded up some of my fave deeply satisfying TV moments — the kind that make you cheer at your TV. Well, I'm back to do the same for movies! Here are moments so good, I can remember people actually cheering at them in the movie theater/my living room growing up.

    1. First off, of course — when everyone came back in Avengers: Endgame:

    Cap hears Sam say "on your left" and the portals all open

    2. When Elle caught Chutney in a lie and made her admit the truth in Legally Blonde:

    Elle mentions how you can't get your hair wet after a perm, and if she wasn't in the shower, then she must've heard the gunshot — Chutney admits she didn't mean to shoot her father, but actually Brooke

    3. When Umbridge asked Harry for help when the centaurs took her away, and Harry uttered the phrase she'd used against him the whole film in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:

    Umbridge tells Harry to tell the centaurs she means no harm, and he says "I'm sorry Professor, but I must not tell lies"

    4. When Lando came with reinforcements in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker:

    Poe says he's sorry and he thought they had a shot, but there's too many of them - Lando responds that "there are more of us" and Poe sees a ton of ships coming to back them up

    5. When Katniss destroyed the arena in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire:

    Finnick tells Katniss to remember who the real enemy is then she shoots an arrow at the dome

    6. When Simba found out the truth about Scar killing Mufasa in The Lion King:

    Simba's hanging off a cliff and Scar whispers that he killed Mufasa - Simba pushes him down and shouts "murderer!"

    7. When Noah and Allie finally kissed again in The Notebook:

    8. When Truman left the set at the end of The Truman Show:

    Christof telling Truman he belongs there, then asks him to say something — Truman repeats his old line, "In case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight" then bows and leaves

    9. When Evelyn and Regan figured out how to fight the creatures at the very end of A Quiet Place, and Evelyn cocked her gun, then the screen went black:

    10. When Laura called 911 and then shot Martin, her ex-husband and abuser, in Sleeping with the Enemy:

    Laura says "come quickly, i've just killed an intruder" then shoots Martin

    11. When Mona Lisa proved, using her car knowledge, that Bill and Stan couldn't have committed the murder in My Cousin Vinny:

    Mona Lisa describes the second car that could've made the tracks, saying it was the same dimensions as the car Stan and Bill drove — Vinny asks if both were available in metallic mint green, and Mona Lisa says they were

    12. When Deena finally left Curtis in Dreamgirls:

    Curtis tells Deena she can't leave, and Deena replies "why? Because you own me? You can sue me, you can take everything I have, it don't matter, 'cause i'll start over"

    13. When Yon-Rogg tried to bait Carol into fighting him without her powers, and she blasted him away and said, "I have nothing to prove to you" in Captain Marvel:

    14. When Molly killed Bellatrix after she tried to kill Ginny in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 2:

    15. When Amanda's team knocked her out in The Suicide Squad because she was about to kill the whole squad for going back to stop Starro:

    Amanda screams to turn around, and that this is their last warning, but she's knocked out

    16. And when Bloodsport's bullet went through Peacemaker's, saving Ratcatcher 2, in The Suicide Squad:

    Bloodsport's bullet goes through Peacemaker's and hits him, and he says "how" — Bloodsport replies "smaller bullets"

    17. When Cap got Mjölnir in Avengers: Endgame:

    18. When Natasha broke her own nose to sever the control Dreykov had over her in Black Widow:

    19. When Hercules was about to die as he tried to save Meg, but at the last second he became a god, meaning his string couldn't be cut, in Hercules:

    Hercules reaches for Meg, dying, as his string is about to be cut — it turns gold and he glows, turning healthy and emerging with Meg

    20. When Diana walked right into no man's land in Wonder Woman:

    21. When Rapunzel realized the truth and stood up to Mother Gothel in Tangled:

    Mother Gothel says everything is fine, then goes to touch Rapunzel's hair — Rapunzel grabs her hand and says Gothel was wrong about the world and her, and that she'll never let Gothel use her hair again

    22. When Satine started singing "Come What May" and Christian came back in Moulin Rouge!:

    Satine sings "I love you until the end of time" and Christian turns and sings "come what may" — Satine smiles

    23. And finally, when Anna punched Hans in Frozen:

    What movie moments always make you cheer? Let us know in the comments!